Lionesse Flat Iron | How to Curl Your Hair for a Special Event
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How to Curl Your Hair for a Special Event

Woman curling hair

How to Curl Your Hair for a Special Event

Woman curling hair

Attending special events are always so much fun, but the prep is usually a tad stressful. What should I wear? How should I do my hair and makeup? Will my hair go flat, or frizz out? Ohh the panic that can consume us as we get ready for big events, we’ve all been there. If you’re looking to curl your hair for a special event, in comes the stress wondering if the curls will hold all night. There’s nothing more frustrating than taking the time to do your hair for an event and by the time you arrive down it goes, right? Let’s walk through a few tips to make sure the next special event you curl your hair for, the curls hold!

Prepping is Key
Just like with your makeup routine, it’s important to prep your hair prior to starting to curl. Depending on your hair type will depend on the prepping product you need. If you have naturally straight hair, you’ll want to spray in a volumizing and/or texturizing product near the roots and massage it into your hair. If you have naturally wavy or curly hair you’ll want to opt for a smoothing product to avoid any frizz from happening. When applying the smoothing product it’s ideal to start with the product around the mid point of your hair and work your way down (avoid the roots, as it can make your roots appear oily).

*You can opt to add in a heat protecting spray if you choose, you would do that here*

Dry it!
After you’ve prepped your hair, it’s time to dry your hair. While it may seem odd since you’re wanting to achieve curls, you want to dry your hair straight. When drying, it’s suggested to start at the roots for a little extra volume. Make sure your hair is completely dry before moving on to the next step.

Let’s Start Curling
Now that your hair is dry, many experts suggest spritzing your hair lightly with hairspray to help with the hold. Don’t forget to flip your hair upside down to get the bottom layers! Once you’re ready taking a 1-inch section of hair with your curling iron, holding the curling iron vertically rotate the iron away from your face. Hold the hair for around 5 seconds and release. Once you’ve released take that piece of hair and roll it around your finger to secure it with a bobby pin at your scalp. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Continue this process throughout the rest of your head taking 1-inch sections. You can alter the direction you curl to add more dimension and make sure the curls don’t get stuck together. Once you’ve curled and pinned all your hair spritz another layer of hair spray. Let your hair set and cool for a few minutes.

Let it Go!
Once you’ve let the curls cool and set in the bobby pins, you can release the bobby pins from all over. You will want to use your fingers to comb through the curls to break them up a bit. Once you’ve done that, and styled any bangs the way you want, do one last spritz of hairspray and you’re done!

What are your favorite hair curling tips?

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