Lionesse Flat Iron | How to Do Your Own Prom Hair
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How to Do Your Own Prom Hair

Woman looking into the mirror after getting ready for the prom.

How to Do Your Own Prom Hair

Woman looking into the mirror after getting ready for the prom.

There is magic in the air in the halls of your high school: prom night is fast approaching, and everybody is talking about what they’ll wear, what their plans are for parties, and who’s going to what party. You’re still focused on what hair style you’ll wear – because you haven’t got the slightest clue. You know you want to do your own style, and create something beautiful and unique. That’s where Lionesse comes in!

In this helpful article, Lionesse will show you how to create your own perfect prom hair style that you can be proud of – and it doesn’t take much effort, since we bring each style step-by-step to you in this detailed article on creating your own prom style with eloquence. These three styles will give you a surefire hairstyle that will be timeless and classy – and you’ll be the belle of the ball.

Woman sporting a beautiful half up, half down hairstyle.

Half Up, Half Down – With Style
One of the most popular hair styles for the 2015 prom season – and for many years past – is the half up-do, half down style. This style is simple and easy to achieve on your own, and you can get the look within 30 minutes.

Simply tease the crown of the hair to add some volume to the updo portion. From there, smooth out the hair on top with a fine toothed comb. Gather half of the hair as you normally would for any half-up, half down look and bring it to the back of the head, securing with a clear elastic. From there, curl the hair that is in the ponytail and then the hair that rests on the shoulders. You can add more dramatic curls by making the curls tighter, or make soft waves using your flat iron. Be sure to give your hair a once over with a good quality anti-humidity strong hold hairspray to keep the look all night. This is one of the easiest looks to master at home.

Young girl with long and smooth hair.

Sleek and Smooth
For those who want a sleek, smooth look, opting for flat ironing your hair is generally the best option. Simply spray a heat protecting spray onto your hair, flat iron as normal, and add a hair serum from roots to tips after completed that provides shine, frizz protection, and protection from humidity. Simple, easy, and beautiful, this look is ever classy for the prom.

Beauty Blogger showing you how to do a Braided Chignon hairstyle.

Braided Chignon
The braided chignon style is super easy, super cute, and looks lovely no matter the style of dress or makeup you are going for. Not only will this style last all night, but it will look glamorous like the ladies of the red carpet.

To create the braids, simply grab a section from the side of the head towards the front, braid back, and pin with a bobby pin. Repeat the same for the opposite side. From there, gather all of the hair to the back of the head and wrap into a chignon by holding the hair straight up into the air, twisting it until tight, and then wrapping it into a bun to the back of the head. Keep the chignon on the lower side of the head as low buns are trending for spring 2015. You can then mess the chignon up a bit if you like the messy look, or keep it looking sleek. Pin to the back of the head with enough bobby pins to make you feel as though the hair is secure, and give it a spray with a good strong hold hairspray.

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