Lionesse Flat Iron | How to Get Bigger Fluffier Braids
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How to Get Bigger Fluffier Braids

Woman with braided hair

How to Get Bigger Fluffier Braids

Woman with braided hair

Here you are, with another social engagement on your calendar, and you may have already decided what you will wear, shoes, lipstick color, jewelry and perfume. Of course, you can just show up with the hairstyle you always wear–your trademark–you know, the one that makes it a no-fail for friends and family who might ever need to identify you in the most crowded of people configurations. You could just mindlessly brush that hair and gather it all into a flat but easy high ponytail that has your name all over it. You could even go with just brushing or running your fingers through your tresses and be done. You could get wild and do a side braid OR–try this trick that has everyone pouring through the Internet to find the stuff on the fluff–aka tutorials on the how-to for adding fluffy to otherwise flat braids.

Controlled Fluff Comes Into its Own
At first glance, the words “fluffy” and “braid” would seem to be at opposing ends of the spectrum of anything–fluffy conjuring up imagery of airy, light and freely unrestricted. Braids, on the other hand are essentially a form of controlling the hair within a woven pattern that is anything but loose and free. At least, that’s what we’ve all been thinking until now. Regardless of the type of hair you have, spanning the whole range of possibilities, you can create a big, dramatic style that manages to pull your hair back and away from your face but keep it more feminine and interesting, with uncommon dimension.

What Helps
There are a few tricks that make it easier to render a heightened degree of fluff and volume to the most lifeless, limp and lazy hair. One is to never attempt any braided anything with freshly shampooed hair, dry or wet. There is no time when your hair is going to be silkier and less interested in grabbing itself in any lasting fashion. Might sound opposite of anything your mom taught you, but don’t wash your hair right before or the day of any occasion that might include your hair, and a special braided look you’re going for. Next-day-hair is always better, and two-days-out hair is supreme. Any longer, and you’re on your own. Just sayin’. And another great hack for style control is the dry shampoo products out there. Some are in powder form, which offer limited application control, but will work when that’s all you have. The ones that are aerosol sprays are the best. And if you don’t have either form, you can always sub talcum powder or cornstarch for lighter shades of hair and cocoa powder for dark shades, and for medium shades, try mixing the two. These immediately give your hair the support to support your hair effort to go big. Going big and fluffy, contrary to a prevalent misgiving, does not have to involve the adding of hair extensions. If you love ‘em, don’t stop, but you can go without them and you’ll be fine.

Woman with braided hair

The Trending Focus
You’re going to see the most fluffy effects trending right now with fishtail braids. There are some amazing styles that involve a lot of cool braiding effects to check out. Here is the basic how-to for growing the fluff and volume of any braid:

  • With any braid, it always helps to add a visual fluff when you begin a bit away from the scalp. Many actually begin lower even, with the hair ungathered in a poof preceding the point where the braiding begins. But once you have braided all the way down to the end, secure the braid with a clear, elastic thingy.
  • Begin a process of semi-pancaking. Beginning at the top of the braid, start loosening up the sections, one by one, all the way down to the end.
  • Pull on the top section preceding the braid to give it more fullness.
  • The braid may almost feel like it is going to separate completely, but this is where you go in with bobby pins hidden but securely holding the braid in place. Also, with each loosening progression, give it a light spray with hairspray and let dry before going on.
  • Once done, give the whole braid and “non-braid” a securing with hairspray. Check for any bobby pins that might be showing.

Bigger? Done. Fluffy? Done.

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