Lionesse Flat Iron | How to Get the Curls You Want
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How to Get the Curls You Want

Woman curling hair

How to Get the Curls You Want

Woman curling hair

There are so many gorgeous new forms of curls making their way onto the fashion scene today, and while they might all look easy, and especially as they’re so casual looking, they can be, but without the proper technique, anyone attempting to produce these stylish curls is going to produce more frustration than anything resembling the curls they desire. Don’t despair, as there’s help on the horizon–and with a little bit of how-to, along with a little practice, you can be adding beachy, boho or any other style of curls to your hairstyle repertoire, with confidence and ease.

Curl Goes Beyond Natural
In searching for one destination where every type of curl is offered in tutorial form, you aren’t liable to find all that much, even though it makes perfect sense to offer them all together. Aside from those naturally occurring curls that some people were just naturally blessed with–from good genes, today’s women have a wonderful wealth of styling tools that enable women everywhere who, with a little electricity, can shape their hair in the exact manner they desire, to create every different type of curl they would ever want.

Waves for Everyday
This quick and easy style is started out at the top middle section of your hair and moves down, section by section. It makes a nice go-to curl that can be accomplished more quickly than other forms of heat curling. These waves can be curled in different directions, and are created by placing the wand a good distance from the roots, and beginning about midway down the strand, wrapping the hair around the wand, continuing to wrap until you reach the end of the strand. Remove wand and allow to fully cool, then rake your fingers through and go!

Set Heat Bottom-to-Top Curls
This form of heat styling involves curling the hair from the ends up, about halfway toward the scalp. Just as soon as you remove the curling iron, take the curled hair and roll it back up using your fingers and secure with a setting clip and allow to cool completely. These curls will hold longer, when held in position to curl.

Woman with wavy hair.

Waves, a la Flat Iron
These waves are particularly good for short hairstyles, because of all the control you have over where they go, as well as how close together you place the zig zags. On your first couple of go-rounds, you may feel a little frustration, but with some practice, you’ll get this amazing form of hair curling down, and make big waves, wherever you go.

Curls, a la Flat Iron
Who said it couldn’t be done? The distinction of creating curls using a flat iron is that you press the strands from both sides, which prevents the hair from becoming too puffy or frizzy. Because of the way it bends the hair, it’s not advisable as an everyday hairstyle, but on a special occasion, it’ll rock the event. Begin by wrapping your hair around one side of the flat iron, starting at the midway point and moving toward the ends. Close both sides together and hold. Next, gently pull out the side you just used, and while attempting to keep the hair wound, move it over to the other side of the flat iron, positioning it so that the parts of the hair that were not curled on the first go-round will be the ones receiving the heat this time. Close, hold, release and allow to cool before raking your fingers through your gorgeous zig zags.

Wand-Curled Hair
This method involves beginning at the strand’s halfway point and wrapping around and around the wand till you reach the tips. This is the more voluminous form, with the other one being to first twist the hair, and then wrap the twisted hair around the barrel, which creates more compact waves. Another method is to twist the first half of the hair as it’s wrapped, and then leave the next half untwisted but wound. More of a boho effect with multi-dimension, for sure!

Braid-Curled Flat Iron Hair
This style is performed on braided hair. The number of braids is up to you, but it works best on hair that is braided from the halfway point on down to the ends. Take your flat iron and clamp it together at the top of the braid, and slowly work your way down the braid, making sure the hair receives sufficient heat as you move down. Once the braids have fully cooled, you then unbraid gently and rake your fingers through these luxe locks!

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