Lionesse Flat Iron | How to Get Waves for Any Hair Type
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How to Get Waves for Any Hair Type

Young girl with wavy hair.

How to Get Waves for Any Hair Type

Wavy hair is the perfect style for the summer. It creates a sexy, relaxed look like you just came back from the beach or you just woke up looking like that. You may have tried giving yourself the tousled look but watched your gorgeous waves go limp and flat. Here are some tips to get perfect waves no matter what hair type you have:

Straight Hair
Wash your hair and let it air dry. Apply a texturizing spray then wrap 2-inch sections of hair around the barrel of a curling iron. Don’t grab the hair with the iron and curl it tightly around the barrel. Let the curls hang loosely while you finish the hair all the way around.

Finger comb through the curls when you’re done, and apply more texturizing spray.

Woman with curly hair.

Curly Hair
If you have naturally curly hair, you will have to relax or straighten it a bit to get the waves you want. Blow out your hair with a round brush to loosen the curls. Just make sure you apply an anti-frizz spray or serum so that your hair doesn’t look fuzzy. You want a messy look, not a frizzy mess. When you’re done blowing out your hair, wrap sections around a curling iron as above to get the waves. Add a texturizing spray to finish the look.

Wavy Hair
Just because your hair is naturally wavy doesn’t mean it has the curl you want. Start styling your hair when it is dry and unwashed for best results. If you want to style after washing, using a curl cream and put your hair in a bun to dry. With naturally wavy hair, you only need to wrap the flat sections around a curling iron. Apply texturizing spray and scrunch the curls in your fingers.

Also, if you like a little MORE wave to your hair, instead of a bun, go for a fairly tight braid! This lasts a little longer than a bun as it takes a while to “relax”.

Woman with bedhead hair.

The “Bedhead” Look
It’s the carefree, naturally voluminous style that may look effortless but takes a little effort and a bit of product to achieve. Wash your hair and allow it to air dry after applying a dime-sized amount of gel to damp hair. Tousle every 15-20 minutes and sit in the sun as much as possible. Do NOT brush through!

The sexy wave look is hot right now, and you can achieve it no matter what type of hair you have. You just have to use the right techniques and the right products. Use these simple tips and you’ll have the tousled, beach look down pat.

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