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How to Get Wavy Hair

How to Get Wavy Hair

Woman with curly hair

When it comes to getting gorgeous, wavy hair, your best friend is a tool–and that tool is your flat iron. It’s your go-to tool to get down with some seriously sumptuous hair bending. Your flat iron has in its DNA all the power and versatility you need for every wave possible, Here some top forms of working wave wonder into your styling routine–that’s already contained in the mind of your flat iron:

Don’t Do it Dirty
Whenever you’re going to be using heated styling tools, you should start out on clean, dry hair. It’s OK to heat style the day following a shampoo, if you haven’t gotten sweaty or been around a dirty environment. Even though all the trends point to styling power you can get by styling dirty hair, who cares how good you LOOK if you smell so bad that no one wants to come within 10 feet of you? If your hair needs some texturizing help for better gripping action, spray on some dry shampoo, staying away from the roots. but before you get to the dry shampoo, first make sure to apply a protective balm or serum all over your strands. On “day-old” hair, before the protection, mist your hair to dampen it with some water, for better spreadability.


The Salt-Down
The best beachy waves–and all the others, too begin with good sea salt sprays. The best ones for your hair are actually made with Epsom salts–which won’t dry your hair like regular salt will. (Misnomer? yep.) For curly girls with ample volume, only use a tad of this product. For those with flat, fine or thin hair, experiment with using as much as possible to get the luscious results you deserve. Brands can vary, and it may take a few tries to find the one you prefer. You would use sea salt spray in lieu of dry shampoo, as it is formulated to perform the same, but without cleaning your hair. You apply it to wet or dry hair and before heating up the styling tools, allow your hair to fully dry.

Wave Variations to Know
From teeny-tiny to big, loose waves–your flat iron can do it all! For the most part, heat styling begins with “breaking it down,” or sectioning off your hair into at least two, but often more areas, with styling beginning at the bottom sections and moving up. Here are some to try:

  • Braided Waves: This easy trick has been around forever, with the beauty of braids giving you two styles in one. The first one is the actual braids–usually one in the middle back, or two side braids that typically begin at the jawline and go to the ends. You’ll get cool effects by stopping the braids a couple inches before the ends, too. The second style comes when you take out your braids. You just rake your fingers through your unbraided hair, and after a minimum of a few hours, you simply enjoy the waves. Your flat iron can give you style #2 immediately, by braiding dry hair into big to medium to small braids and then one by one, close the plates of your flat iron down on the top of the braiding and slowly progress down to where the braiding ends. Make sure your hair is completely cooled off before unbraiding and raking. Quick, powerful and lovely.
  • The Wound Wave Effect: This one is super easy and fast. You begin this about two inches from the roots, and you position the open flat iron plates together there. On one of the “arms” of the iron, wrap and wrap each strand to be waved, leaving only the tip ends out. Once fully wound, close the plates together and hold for around 3-5 seconds. Without unwinding your wound strand, gently slip the flat iron down and out. Allow each strand to fully cool, undisturbed. The size of waves will be determined by the width of your iron.
  • Aluminum Foil Waves: This cool hot hack can give you everything from fro-sized kinky waves to loose and lovely beach locks. With smaller waves needing more and smaller sections, and loose ones vice versa, take 5” long pieces of aluminum foil and roll them or fold them up enough to give them dependable styling body. When you’re done, hold onto these foil pieces for another time. You choose the strands and their size. You can even mix up the size of strands to produce some killing versatility of wave sizes. Secure each wound strand with a bobby pin. Once all your hair is wound up, take your flat iron and close the plates upon the top of each strand and slowly run it down the entire length and leave alone. Make sure everything is cooled down, and remove the foil strips. Do not use a brush on this one, unless you are going for a full-on fro! Finger raking is all that’s needed. Shoot with flexible hold hairspray and dash.
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