Lionesse Flat Iron | How to Rock 70’s Trends Today
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How to Rock 70’s Trends Today

70s style

How to Rock 70’s Trends Today

It seems as though everywhere we look, the 70’s retro look is back with a vengeance – not that it’s ever left, but there are more trends currently ongoing that resemble the classic ensembles of wardrobe, fashion, hair and style than ever before since its original time. Lionesse wants to take hold of that trend, and show you how you can achieve the 70’s trends in today’s world – in style. With a few simple modifications, you’ll achieve this look on your own – and it’s very easily done with things you already have at home. Read on to learn more.

Woman with a beautiful floral crown on her head

Flower Power
Floral crowns are bigger than ever right now – and they are the perfect look to bring the 70’s back, while looking stylish and trendy in today’s world. They go with pretty much everything – but why not opt for a nice, spring like dress and or pair of bell bottom or flare bottom jeans with a cute vest and frilly top. Also, floral prints are all the rage right now – harness your inner flower child and rock some daisies!

Girl with a headband on, rocking 70s tremd

Headbands and Head Wraps
Head bands and head wraps are, and always have been, a cool retro trend. To really get a 70’s inspired look going, opt for the stretchy head bands or wraps that go around the head as opposed to on the head. Look for headbands with beads, tassles, fringe or floral patterns to really channel your inner hippie.

Bangs/ fringe in her hair

Fringed Bangs
Finged out bangs are definitely a 70’s inspired look, and you can get that same look today by heading on over to your hair stylist. We wouldn’t go as far as to say let’s go all out and all rock the Farrah, but fringed bangs are a great place to start your 70’s transformation – and the great thing about them is, if you decide you don’t love the look – you can get the straightened across – and they will grow back.

French manicure

French Manicure
The look began in the 70’s, and it’s lasted till this very day. The French manicure is a great way to keep your fingers looking pretty, while cutting back on the time spent painting and repainting your nails – which is exactly the reason this style was developed in Hollywood all those years ago. Opt for white tips for a classic look or get creative by adding colors, floral pattern, or whatever else you fancy.

A beautiful bag with fringe tassels.

Fringed Bags
Fringed bags, cross bodies, purses and backpacks – they all harness the look of the 70’s, and are perfect as a beauty trend in today’s world. If you want an original look, opt for something like a dark brown or tan suede bag, with lots and lots of fringe. We just can’t get enough!

Woman wearing a fringed vest posing in front of a brick wall.

You don’t need to go crazy with this trend, but it can look really cute when you pair a vest with an outfit for that extra pop of flavor. Opt for fringed vests, add some patches or pins, and you’ll be ready to rock n’ roll!

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