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How to Rock a Hat

Stylish woman wearing a hat.

How to Rock a Hat

No matter what kind of hair you have, chances are there are times you want to cover it up with a hat. Maybe you’re having a bad hair day, or maybe it’s winter and you need to keep warm, or maybe it’s summer and you don’t have any hair at all and you need to protect your head from sunburn. No matter what the reason for wearing a hat, there’s no need to worry. Look to none other than the stars that stay on the cutting edge of fashion – from Taylor to Miley and Brad to Liam, they all have unique styles but can really rock a hat. This list will help you rock that hat in style.

Woman wearing a baseball cap.

First of all, we need to think about what season you’re planning on rocking that hat. During the hot months of summer, baseball hats, Panama hats, and other straw or lightweight hats are best. They protect you from the sun while also allowing the heat to escape your head, and any breeze to get in and help cool you down. Conversely, for cooler months you, of course, need to keep the heat in. This is when wool, felt, and other knitted hats come into play. This is purely a functional standpoint, so once you get choose the hat material to match the season, you need to find a style that suits you.

The first step in finding a hat that look great on you is matching the hat shape to the shape of your head and face. For example, if you have a round face, you want to avoid round hats like bowlers, this will surely result in an unintended silly look. Those with round faces should look for hats that are taller, to give the appearance of extending your face, avoid short, round hats at all costs.

If you have a long skinny face, you won’t want to wear a tall hat that only makes your face seem longer. For those with long faces (or large ears), a wide brimmed hat or a larger floppy hat will help camouflage those ears and bring a balance to a long face or a long neck.

Woman wearing a bowlers hat.

For square faces, look for round hats like a bowler or a cloche. They help give the appearance of a rounder face. If you’re lucky enough to have an oval face you can pretty much pull off any shaped hat.

Now that you’ve got the hat material and shape down, you need to choose a color.

For your new hat, you need to think about what season or seasons you will be wearing the hat, and what color that season’s wardrobe is. If it’s a hat you’ll be wearing in the fall and winter, you’ll most likely want to keep your choices limited to duller fall-appropriate colors like gray, black, mauve, and other earth tones. For summer and spring hats, more bright and colorful hats are sure to match with your warm weather outfits.

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