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Lionesse New Years Hair Resolutions

Getting a hair cut

Lionesse New Years Hair Resolutions

The time is now to begin thinking about what you are going to do to change your hair with the coming year. Perhaps you want a fresh new cut and style, something out of the ordinary for you. Maybe you want to add some color, or change a current color. Maybe you want some bangs. Perhaps you’re a wild child and you want to do something off the wall – and hey, that’s okay! We love crazy. Lionesse wants you to be prepared for the coming year by helping you figure out what you can do to help you have the best hair year ever – and we promise, it won’t be painful or time consuming.

Getting a hair cut

Resolution #1: Find a Cut You Love and Go For It

What could be more exciting than ringing in the New Year than getting a new cut? Perhaps you aren’t ready to make that move and just want to add some bangs to your current look. Go for it! Don’t be afraid to try something new and different for you. After all, hair can and will grow back – and variety is the spice of life. Do something out of the ordinary that you love, a style that will flatter your face, and have fun!

Hairdresser using heat protection spray

Resolution #2: Use Heat Protecting Spray– Or Use Less Heat

If you are the type of woman who needs to straighten her hair on a daily basis (and many of us are), opt for a good heat protecting spray which will protect your hair from burns, vitamin depletion, and split ends. If you blow dry your hair or use curling irons or even heat rollers, this also applies to you. Be sure to protect your hair from the damage high heat can have on your hair from daily styling. If you are able – going heat free, even for a few days a week – can really improve the look of your hair.

Resolution #3: Try New Styles

Find some of the cool, trendy new hair styles that are being worn by celebrity women or in hair magazines. You could even look through places like Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Look through pictures of braids, extensions, updos, and waves – and find some new styles to rock in 2015. You will give yourself a hair makeover by implementing some of these styles to your hair regimen – and chances are, you will love not wearing your hair in the same style in which you have worn it for the past 5 years.

Pretty hairstyle

Resolution #4: Opt for Color

If all else fails, choose color! Adding lowlights during winter months really helps to give your hair a rich depth that highlights can’t provide. If you aren’t keen on lowlights, try an all-over color – something rich and dark, to complement the remainder of the winter months. Or, you could try to add strands of a bright color, like pink, blue, or green. Do what fits your personality, and be yourself.


Lionsse wishes you and yours a Happy New Year, and all the best with your hair in 2015!

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