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Nighttime Hair Care

Nighttime Hair Care

Ok, so you’ve gotten into the routine of doing a nighttime skincare regimen (we hope!), but have you been leaving your hair high and dry?  (pun intended there)  You likely have a system in place for your morning hair care routine, but just head to bed with your hair however it ends up.  Don’t you think it’s time to make a switch?  Your hair needs a little love at night just like your skin does!  If you’re new to the whole nighttime hair care, we’re sharing some of the must-know tips and steps to take according to our research.

Woman tying her hair

Start Conditioning
Using a deep conditioning mask is suggested by many hair care experts when it comes to hair care.  It’s best when done at night so you’re not rushing in the morning, and have more time to take your time to do it the right way.  There are some that suggest leaving the deep conditioning product in overnight and washing it out in the morning.  This goes for hair masks in general, but it’s best to do them in your nighttime hair care routine.

Consider Your Sheets
If you haven’t already heard, satin sheets are THE thing to have in your bed.  Not just for your skin, but also for your hair.  Since we sleep for many hours (hopefully!) on our sheets at night, satin has been found to not cause too much static or breakage in the hair.  Also, make sure you’re changing your sheets regularly.  Since our hair and skin has oil, using the same sheets without changing to wash too long can cause more damage than good over time.

Tie Your Hair Back
When we sleep with our hair down and free flowing all night long it can develop knots and even cause breakage in our hair.  So in order to avoid this, it’s suggested to tie your hair back.  You’re not going to want to just tie it back with any old hair band, make sure you’re using a soft hair tie like a scrunchy or even a bandana if you want to keep all your hair off your face and healthy in the process.

Woman applying oil

Apply Oil
Another tip suggested by the experts is to actually apply a small amount of oil to your hair prior to bedtime.  Applying a small amount of oil to your hair (primarily focusing on the ends, which tend to be drier) is a great way to bring more moisture to your hair and help the ends heal and appear shinier.

Shower at Night
Some experts suggest showering and washing your hair at night to be a better option to doing so in the morning, because it allows you to let your hair air dry overnight and avoid too much heat damage from using heated styling products too often.  It’s a great way to minimize how much heat your styling your hair with, and can even help save you time in the morning!

Do you have a nighttime hair care routine?

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