Lionesse Flat Iron | On Trend: Tight Curls & Tapered Ends
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On Trend: Tight Curls & Tapered Ends

Woman with curly hair

On Trend: Tight Curls & Tapered Ends

Woman with curly hair

While long hair is beautiful and super fun to work with, it can sometimes be annoying to feel like you have to style your hair every day. If you don’t naturally have straight, wavy, curly, or otherwise beautiful texture (hello, 99% of us), you’ll likely have to do some blow drying, straightening, or put your hair in an updo for it to look presentable.

One of the favorite looks right now are tight curls with tapered ends. This look adds volume to the top of the head while following the hair’s natural tendency to thin towards the bottom. However, this look can sometimes be hair to achieve with a regular curling iron: you usually have to work with separated pieces of hair, which, depending on the length of your hair, can take up to a couple hours.

But don’t worry: curling wands are the best way to get those tight curls and tapered ends. Why are curling wands so great for achieving and maintaining this look? Read on to find out more.

Curling Wands Mimic Natural Hair Patterns
Don’t throw out your curling iron just yet: curling irons are perfect for creating a polished, bouncy curl. Curling irons curl the hair from the inside out, leaving a “barrel”-type shape that gives lots of volume to hair, and it works great for a fancy night out or for those who struggle with flat, lifeless hair and want volume.

The way that curling wands work is very different: instead of curling from the inside out, curling wands make a wave: picture the difference between a sphere and a flat, wavy line, and you’ll understand the difference between the curl from a curling iron and the curl from a curling wand.

Curling wand

Curling Wands Have Tapered Ends
In order to get that tight curl at the bottom and a loose, voluminous look at the top of the curl, curling wands have tapered bodies that begin wider and become smaller towards the bottom. This tapered look allows you to make a curl that has definition but also variation, which keeps the curl looking natural–that way, you can avoid the “Shirley Temple” look that can come from a bad run-in with a traditional curling iron.

Because these curling wands have tapered ends, it’s important to use them with the cord facing upwards, that way the width of your curl goes from thick-to-thin down your hair shaft. This makes the look more natural and mimics the natural curl pattern often seen in wavy or voluminous straight hair.

Is a Curling Wand Right for Me?
In order to determine whether or not a curling wand or curling iron will work best for you, consider the look you’re going after: If you’re more focused on getting a voluminous, big curl at the top that tapers into a tight curl at the bottom, a curling wand is your best bet. If you’re more so going for old-school glamorous, polished, or voluminous locks, then a large-barrel curling iron would work best for you.

Have any tips for creating tight curls with tapered ends? Let us know in the comments!

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