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Our Favorite Leo Hairstyles

Woman with wavy hairstule

Our Favorite Leo Hairstyles

Leo women are known for their luxurious, beautiful hair. Nearly every Leo woman you will encounter will be blessed with a gorgeous head of thick hair – it’s just in her makeup. Today, Lionesse is going to take a few minutes to discuss some of our favorite, seasonal Leo hairstyles today to give you an idea as to what you can do for your next style.

Woman with short trendy hairstyle

Signature Style
Leo women prefer to create their own style, rather than opting for something that’s already been done before, or something that everyone is already doing. They love to find a style they like, modify it, and make it their own. They also hate drastic changes when it comes to their hair – so developing a strong relationship with their stylist is important to them. They want to opt for a gradual change over time, not something over the top, wild, and crazy all at once.

Woman with wavy hair.

Long Waves
Since most Leo women have long, thick hair, a great style for the Leo female is to just add some simple waves, whether beachy, boho, or glamour, and that way, the hair will look fabulous all day long, no drastic changes will be made – and this is a classy, timeless look that will work for any season, any occasion, and on any Leo woman imaginable.

Woman with center parted hair.

Center Hair Parts
Parting the hair down the center of the head doesn’t work for every zodiac sign, but you’re in luck, Leo. A center part works fabulously for you because of your thick hair, and the usual oval shaped Leo face. You can also sport a side part and it will look fabulous as well!

Woman showing off her bob with spring curls.

Bobs with Springy Curls
Women such as Charlize Theron, also a Leo, have been seen sporting a short chin length bob lately – and not only is it trendy, but it’s a classy, classic hairstyle that will look great on any Leo of any age. Adding some springy curls to the mix or some wild waves will only help your cause, Leo, so don’t be afraid to go all out and get to work styling!

Woman with sweeping fringe bangs.

Sweeping Fringe Bangs
If you want to change nothing else about your style, Leo, now is a great time to incorporate some sweeping side bangs in a fringed style into your hair look. This will look beautiful whether you want to wear your hair up or down, and will also look fantastic when you’re desire is to create a glamorous or casual style. These types of bangs work well with a Leo due to the usual oval face shape most Leos possess.

There are many small additions you can incorporate into your daily style to really give the hair something special, and there are lots of small things you can head to the salon for your favorite specialist to try as well. Small changes are big changes, as far as you’re concerned, and you want to maintain the integrity of your hair without losing volume or length – we get it! Just don’t be afraid to explore your options a bit and have fun with your style. After all, your hair is what you’re all about!

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