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Our Favorite Online Hair Tutorials

Hair Tutorial for curly updo.

Our Favorite Online Hair Tutorials

Hair Tutorial for curly updo.Trying out new and different hairstyles from what we are typically used to is so much fun, but it can also be stressful if we have no guidance or reference to look at. That’s one of the reasons we at Lionesse are so thankful online hair tutorials exist – because without them, women everywhere would be a whole lot more clueless about how to get that perfect style. Today, we would like to showcase some of our favorite online hair tutorials – and tell you where you can find them so you can try to create the style yourself.

The styles we chose are perfect for a summer look, so be sure to give these ones a try and get familiar with them so you can rock them all summer long!

Beachy Waves
Beachy waves are a fantastic addition to any girl’s hair repertoire – and it’s no wonder, because they look and feel absolutely fantastic. There are many different ways to actually get beachy waves, from sea salt sprays, to time spent at the actual beach in the salty water, to specific styling techniques, such as this one. Using a flat iron to get beachy waves is super simple and easy, and literally only requires about 10 minutes time, tops, even if your hair is really long.

Braids are the epitome of summer hair. There are many different types and styles of braids, such as waterfall braids, dutch braids, three strand braids, five-strand braids, loose braids, tight braids, and more. This is one of our favorite braid tutorials due to the fact that she offers up three different braided styles. They are super simple easy to do yourself, and you can get the look in just minutes. Braids are so much fun for summer – and if you don’t quite know how to do braids, now’s your chance to learn! She makes it easy. Take a look!

70’s Retro Waves
With music festival season still in full swing, and summer knocking at the door, this 70’s retro wave look couldn’t be more perfect for the season. Our guest blogger Sarah McCormick makes it easy to get the look of decades past with a flat iron and some hairspray. We love the ease of this tutorial! You can wear this look for a casual day out shopping or hanging out around the house, or even out to something more sophisticated, such as dinner or a date.

Messy Bun
The messy bun is a timeless classic that can be created in so many ways. There are sock buns, donut buns, and just plain out messy buns – and in this tutorial, you won’t need anything but hair ties and grips. That’s it! She explains how simple and easy it is to get the look – and her personality is adorable. This is the perfect style for those days where you just don’t want to play with flat ironing your hair, or to do something cute for a rainy day. Enjoy!

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