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Pin Curls with a Flat Iron

Pin Curls with a Flat Iron

This week, Lionesse is focusing it’s attention on reveling in the beauty of the 1940’s style. Today, we’ve got guest blogger Sarah McCormick of All Things Beauty here with us to give you a rundown on how you can create your very own pin curls using a flat iron.

Traditional pin curls are quite time consuming and require patience, a night’s sleep, and extra work. Here, Sarah will show you how you can get the same look in a fraction of the time with a little patience and persistence.

Without further ado, we would like to hand the post over to Sarah, so that she can get you started on developing your pin curl look in no time.


Hi everyone!

It’s great to be back here at Lionesse again. Today, I am super excited to show you all how you can create your very own authentic pin curl look in a fraction of the time normal pin curls would normally take. Typical pin curls require pinning all of the hair up on top of the head, wrapping the head with a scarf or bandana of some sort, and sleeping on the pins all night. Not only is this uncomfortable, but it’s exceptionally time consuming to boot. In this tutorial, I will show you how you can get the same look in only minutes rather than hours.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Flat iron
  • Hair ties or hair clips big enough to hold large sections of hair
  • Hair spray
  • Boar bristle brush

Once you’ve gathered up everything you need, here’s how you get the look. You should be able to dedicate 30-50 minutes, depending on your hair’s length, to get the look.

Pin Curl Flat Iron 1

Step 1: Start with straightened or flat hair.

Pin Curl Flat Iron 2

Step 2: You are going to section the hair off to make it easier to complete the look, and keep things more organized. Gather half of your hair as if you are going to do a half-up half-down style, and secure that hair into a bun with a hair tie. You will be working with the remaining hair which is down first.

Pin Curl Flat Iron 3

Step 3: Grasp a small piece of hair, about an inch worth of hair. Roll that hair onto your finger and work upwards. You can choose to go as high as an inch away from the scalp if you want to, or keep the curl towards the end of the hair. I chose to go a little above halfway up my hair with my look.

Lionesse-Pin-Curl-Flat-Iron1 Pin Curl Flat Iron 6

Step 4: Remove the curled hair from your finger carefully, keeping the finger curl intact. Place the curled up hair into your flat iron, and press the curl for about 10 seconds. Make sure if you didn’t press any part of the curl, to move the flat iron across the hair gently, ensuring you don’t burn your fingers. Press the hair, and release. What you end up with is a springy curl that looks like this.


Pin Curl Flat Iron 8

Pin Curl Flat Iron 9

Step 5: Repeat step 4 all over the hair that is dangling down. Once completed, secure the hair into a hair elastic to keep it from mingling with the remaining straight hair. Release the hair from the bun, and complete step 4 all over the head, until all hair has been curled.

Pin Curl Flat Iron 11

Step 6: Once all of the hair has been pin curled, you can then fluff the curls out with your fingers until each curl is separated. You could also use a boar bristle brush and run it gently through the curls if you have hair that is on the thin side. It will provide volume and a more authentic look.

Pin Curl Flat Iron 13

You can give your hair a quick once over with hairspray so your style will stay all day or night – and after all that work, chances are – you will want to!

I’m sure you will adore your style as much as I adore mine. I absolutely love 40’s inspired hair, and all of the beauty associated with it. If you really want to make it authentic, try tying a red or blue bandana around your hair like I did in my picture – or put on some red lipstick – or both! Enjoy your look, and have fun!


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