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Pin It Up

Woman wearing a andana

Pin It Up

Woman wearing bandana

There’s something so timelessly retro about pin up looks. The hair, the clothes, the makeup… all of it. It always looks and feels so chic, regardless of how many times it’s been worn. Doesn’t it? It seems like every time we see a celebrity on the red carpet wearing a Pin Up vibe hairstyle it looks incredible and everyone takes note. Pin up hairstyles often look like they’re incredibly difficult and complex to achieve, but the truth is you can create a pin up hairstyle without needing to be a professional hairstylist. So let’s break down a few easy pin up hairstyles that will give you the look, without the fuss.

Pinned Up Down
While the pin-up looks are generally known for being up-do’s there are a ton of easy ways to achieve the pin-up vibe without dealing with a ton of bobby pins and hairspray. When wearing your hair down for this type of look you want to focus on volume, and loose curls. Add volume at the roots of your hair by teasing with a teasing brush and spraying hairspray to hold the volume. Add the pin-up vibe by clipping in a gorgeous flower and sweep your hair away from your face (another common theme among pin-up hairstyles). It’s a very Rachel McAdams in the Notebook look.

Half Poof
Another mostly hair down look, and can be worn with your hair straight or with waves. Part your hair to the side to start. Then grab a small chunk of hair from one side in the front, give it a little puff (by moving the hair towards your face a tad), twist the hair bit where you’re holding onto it and pin it. Repeat on the other side. It’s a very retro-esque way to wear the half up hairstyle that’s always been a go-to for girls.

Woman wearing a andana

Tie It Up
Another huge hairstyle influence in the pin up phase was the bandana. There are so many easy, cute ways to add a bandana to an otherwise simple hairstyle. There’s something about the bandana that adds that retro vibe to your look instantly. Even simply tying a silk scarf around the back of your head (over your hair) and tying it at the top of your head is a super simple way to add a Pin Up twist to straight, wavy, or curly hair. You can wear the knot at the top in the middle or to the side. Adding a bandana has never felt so simple, right?

As you can tell, although pin-up hairstyles tend to LOOK complex or difficult to achieve on your own, you can actually make them quite simple! These are great hairstyles to try out to give the Pin Up look a whirl. While there are certainly more complex looks, why make it complicated? Wear your hair down and add a few little touches with bobby pins, bandanas, or flower pints – whatever speaks to you.

So which of these Pin Up style hairstyles are you going to try first?

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