Lionesse Flat Iron | Plasma Hair Treatments for Better Hair?
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Plasma Hair Treatments for Better Hair?

Plasma Hair Treatments for Better Hair?

For those with thinning hair, it can be difficult to find a solution to help you get a fuller, thicker head of hair. With the multitude of products available claiming to boost the volume and texture within the hair, many fall flat on their claims. Lionesse has discovered that there is another way: plasma hair treatments. Plasma hair treatments give those with thinning hair or thin hair a boost in the fullness and amount of hair they have.  Read on to learn more about what hair plasma treatments are, and what they can achieve.

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What Are Plasma Hair Treatments?
Plasma hair treatments are generally performed by a trained medical doctor and are administered through injections. Plasma is platelets found within the blood and they are responsible for healing and clotting of the blood when injury occurs. In terms of helping hair regrowth or to aid in the thickening of the hair, doctors believe that hair growth halts or stops when injury of the scalp occurs. They also believe plasma can stimulate the hair roots and follicles to begin regrowth and heal themselves. The process of receiving hair plasma treatments occurs in the following manner:

  • Blood is collected from your vein, as it would be if you were to get routine blood work completed. From there, the blood is put into a centrifuge where the blood is spun for approximately 15 minutes. During this process, the blood plasma separates from the whole blood, giving doctors something to work with to use on your scalp.
  • General anesthesia is applied to the areas of the scalp where the injections are to take place. This will make the process as painless as possible, and give you some comfortability.
  • A micro needling device will be ran over the areas in which are to be treated. This micro needling will cause microscopic damage to the top layer of the scalp, allowing for the human body’s reaction of the healing process to begin.
  • Directly following the needling process, the plasma is injected into the areas which were micro needled, allowing for the plasma to work with the body’s healing response.
  • The process takes approximately 1-3 hours to complete, and will involve minimal amounts of pain. Once general anesthesia has worn off, you may feel a bit more significant amount of pain. This can be treated with over the counter pain relievers such as Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen.

What Can Plasma Hair Treatments Do?
This process has been shown through science to be very effective in regenerating new hair growth for thinned hair. They can help the patient achieve fuller, thicker hair and begin the regrowth process.

Not everybody is a candidate for this particular procedure, however, so it’s always best to check with your doctor and assess your medical history before undergoing this procedure. Those who have diabetes or any scalp infections are not likely candidates for a plasma hair treatment.

Count on Lionesse to constantly keep you up to date on the newest innovations in the hair care world. Be sure to check back frequently for trendy articles on the latest in hair care.

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