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Playful Styles with Clip-Ins

High pony

Playful Styles with Clip-Ins

We’re all consistently in awe of the gorgeous hair of our favorite celebrities as they walk the red carpets. If we’re all honest, most of us are probably frustrated thinking we can’t achieve those flawless hairstyles with our own hair. But the truth is…your favorite celebrities have some assistance (aside from the top hairstylists), they’re also rockin’ some clip-in extensions! Ever wonder how celebrities can go from short bobs to long luscious locks in the blink of an eye? The answer: clip-ins. Yes, even those bangs that magically appear and disappear! Many women are intimidated by styling clip-in hair extensions. But there are easy ways to wear them and achieve a playful hair look.

High pony

High Ponytail
The high ponytail hairstyle is gorgeous especially for spring and summer, a fun easy way to add a little something extra to the look is adding 1-2 clip-ins! Simply tie your hair up in a ponytail, add the clip-ins leaving a small chunk of hair loose. Use the loose piece of hair to tie around the base of the ponytail to hide the rubber band and edges of the clip-ins.

Low Side Ponytail
If a high ponytail isn’t your thing, how about trying a low ponytail? You would do the same process you do for the high ponytail, just change the placement.

Side braids

Side Braid
Braids are everywhere this season, they’re an easy, effortless way to have a hairstyle that looks amazing. To accomplish this look you would separate your hair into two parts, creating a horizontal line in the middle of the back of your head. Tie them up and place the clip-ins in the center. Tease the top portion of your hair a bit, then gather your hair to the side into a braid over your shoulder. Feel free to add texture by pulling the braid a bit loose. This season is all about the undone-do so no need to be perfect!

Braided Headband
This look is all over the place this season, but hard to accomplish with your natural hair. To create this look you’ll grab a small section of hair near the back of your ear, wrap the clip-ins around it and braid the hair. Once it’s braided you’re going to bring the end of the braid over your head and to the other ear, pin it and you’re done!

Side bun

Low Side Bun
Similar to the low side ponytail, but instead of leaving the hair down twist it around to create a bun. Again, it doesn’t have to be perfect! But it will create an effortlessly chic look. The clip-ins are great for looks like these since they add more volume without teasing.

Clip-in extensions don’t have to be intimidating or difficult to manage. Once you think of the placement as to where the clip-ins need to be in order to not be easily seen, you can work them and wear them just like your natural hair! So, which of these playful hairstyles will you try out the next time you wear clip-ins?

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