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Pobs, Bobs and Lobs

bob hairstyle

Pobs, Bobs and Lobs

There’s recently been a pretty big rise in popularity with short hair.  Some of our favorite celebs have gone for the big chop with their luscious locks of hair.  But there’s something so refreshing and liberating about cutting your hair off in a rather dramatically short way.  If you’ve been considering a bob hairstyle, we thought we would go over some of the varieties of bob haircuts to give you some inspiration and ideas before getting the bob yourself.

Pob hairstyle

Pob Hairstyle
If you aren’t quite sure what the term “Pob” is referring to it is actually a term that came about when Victoria Beckham chopped her hair.  So it actually stands for Posh Bob.  The pob is known for being an angled bob hairstyle.  The great thing about the pob is it’s a hairstyle you’re able to customize in length and however you choose to wear the hair parted, to flatter your personal face shape.  The biggest differentiator between a pob and traditional bob is that it’s created with an angled cut, which can be really flattering when cut in a way that flatters the person’s face shape.

bob hairstyle

Bob Hairstyle
The traditional bob hairstyle is a classic hairstyle that is one that feels up-to-date regardless of how many times we’ve seen people rocking it.  Traditionally, a bob is a blunt cut hairstyle that’s shorter in length (typically around the cheekbone in length) and all one length.  While there are now a lot of different variations of the bob hairstyle and ways to interpret it and make it your own, they all stem from the original bob hairstyle.  One of the great things about a traditional bob hairstyle is your options to style it, whether you wear it straight and sleek or curled to created texturized waves it’s timeless and gorgeous.

lob hairstyle

Lob Hairstyle
Another different take on the traditional bob hairstyle, the lob is basically just standing for a long bob.  These are hairstyles that are usually a little more blunt in cut like a traditional bob, but just longer in length.  Generally, they’re done with all one length however there are ways for you to incorporate layers into a lob as well.  The most differentiating factor is that the bottom/longest layer of hair in a lob is more of a blunt cut.  This hairstyle gives some additional options to how you can style and wear your hair when cut this way because you’re getting a little extra length.

The great thing about the bob varieties is that there really are so many right now, hairstylists are more comfortable than ever (it seems) to experiment with cutting hair in different bob varieties.  Since the bob haircut is such a trend right now there’s no better time than now to experiment with different bob variations for your own hair.  If you’ve been considering getting a change in hair, consider asking your hairstylist for a variation of a bob haircut.  Keep in mind a bob haircut doesn’t have to mean the traditional bob.

What’s your favorite bob hairstyle?

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