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Prince Gave Us Diamonds and Pearls


Prince Gave Us Diamonds and Pearls


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Prince was a true icon that changed the music industry forever.  His music touched people, he broke down barriers and had a way of bringing different styles of music together.  Prince undoubtedly had hit after hit in the 80’s leading into the 90’s.  His lyrics and music were different than anything done before, sharing his spiritual side, thoughts on sexuality, and bringing music to a whole new level.  In 1991, Prince released his 13th album, Diamonds and Pearls.  It was his first album with his band, The New Power Generation.”

The album, Diamonds & Pearls, was filled with songs that were definitely out-of-the-box.  The names of the tracks alone weren’t expected.  But then again, when it came to Prince we never really knew what to expect from him and his work.  He was always making a splash on the scene, leaving many people shocked, confused, but more so intrigued.  Although his lyrics and the names of the songs were on the shocking side, it’s said that the underlying theme of Diamonds and Pearls was love.

Prince wasn’t afraid to do things differently.  Although he often dressed in a way that was more stereotypically feminine, his lyrics and the way he lived his life was anything but.  His album, Diamonds & Pearls was definitely pushing the boundaries in relationship to talking about sex and sexuality like we really hadn’t heard before that.  With song names like “Get Off” and “Cream” there was a lot of underlying tone behind his songs and the theme of the album.

Prince himself was quite private, so there isn’t a lot stating where he actually got his inspiration from when it came to his music.  It is clear, that he took inspiration from his own personal views and way of life.  He had a different outlook on things like spirituality, veganism, and sexuality.  We do know that Prince wanted to be different from the other extremely popular musical artist that were popular around the same time, and he definitely differentiated himself.  Between the way he dressed and wore makeup to his extremely sexual lyrics and song names – he really was the complete opposite of Michael Jackson and the other bands/artists that were raising the scene when Princes was.

Although Diamonds and Pearls was completely different than anything we had heard before, it’s comes as no surprise that the album produced major hit singles.  It seems to be a theme that was common in Prince’s career.  He set to do things unlike anyone else and although they may have been topics or things that weren’t generally accepted, people were drawn to his work.  Showing that we really are drawn to things that aren’t the ‘norm’ and want to experience and be around things and people that are breaking barriers and making statements.

What do you think of Prince’s career, and most specifically his Diamonds and Pearls album?

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