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Proper Detangling Techniques

Women looking in mirror at tangled hair

Proper Detangling Techniques

Women looking in mirror at tangled hair.

Proper Detangling Techniques
Getting tangles in your hair seems like one of those “small” things but can really make a major impact on your hair and its health. Honestly, we don’t really spend enough time thinking about detangling our hair and how to do it properly. If we’re real with ourselves, most of us just work to get through the tangles in our hair as quickly as possible, not really taking ‘proper’ detailing techniques in mind – because we’re always in a rush. We get it, you’re busy we all live in a busy world and taking the extra time to detangle your hair seems like such a small thing. But your hair and future self with thank you for taking the time later on. Until then, we’re sharing our must-know detangling techniques to get you started.

Prep Your Hair
Just like when you’re styling your hair with a heated styling tool or just in general, you need to prep your hair. Yep, even for the detangling process. The first thing to ALWAYS be aware of is you should never try to detangle dry hair – it can cause major damage to your hair that can take a long time to fix. In addition, hair experts suggest that you always use product in your hair prior to starting the detangling process. The best types of products to use on wet hair for detangling are conditioners, leave-in conditioners, hair oil and/or a specially formulated detangling product. These haircare products will help make sure that your hair has some protection on it and allows there to be a little more slipperiness on the hair so you don’t cause more damage.

It’s All About The Technique
As human beings we naturally want to comb our hair from the root to the ends, however that’s exactly what hair experts say NOT to do. Instead of starting at the roots, it’s suggested to start at the ends (the bottom couple of inches of hair) and detangle that first and work your way up towards the roots. This will allow you to slowly detangle your hair little bit by bit instead of just ripping through from the root. Additionally, when you’re going through this process make sure you’re using a wide toothed comb – NO small toothed combs! Of course, even when you’re detangling your hair in this process it’s still advised that you take your time with it. Anytime you get to a tangle be gentle, don’t just rip on your hair but instead go slowly with your comb and work it out softly.

Detangling this way is going to be a major benefit to your hair’s health and help you to prevent too much breakage from happening. When we are in a rush and don’t take the necessary steps to detangling we end up causing breakage and other hair problems because it can be incredibly rough on your hair. Remember that you’re detangling with wet hair, and when your hair is wet it’s in its most vulnerable state.

What’s your must-know detangling tip you live by?

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