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Quick Hair Taming Tips

Woman with frizzy hair.

Quick Hair Taming Tips

One of the most disappointing appearance fails that can happen to any woman is to spend a hefty chunk of time (and often cash) on your hair–carefully styling it with precision and products and a lot of techniques for the perfect looking tresses possible, only for it to morph. So, there you are, confidently going about your day, moving in style from class to class or place to place, and then at some point later you happen to walk by a mirror or reflective object–only to catch a horrifying glimpse of what you really look like. While this is thankfully not always the case, there are certain elements that can tend to produce frizz flare up. With a little know how and preparation though, such an unfortunate mishap does not have to happen to your hair. Fix it and forget it, as they say.

Young woman with frizzy hair

Frizz can suddenly arise from a variety of culprits. Badly damaged hair can look great for the first 30 minutes, but all that depletion of excessive heat styling and stripping of natural proteins from harsh products can soon produce a frizzy mess. Some hair types and textures respond more resiliently to humidity and other frizz producers than others, but any hair type is susceptible of style damage from the elements at one time or another. Be prepared, with a little valuable knowledge and readiness.

Happy hour cocktails are fine, but the kind of alcohol that is damaging to your hair is found in hair care products. Best bet? Just avoid using any hair products that contain alcohol. There are just too many better alternatives out there for your hair. Read the labels.

What to Look For
In label reading for the best looking hair, go for products that include polymers and silicone, which coat your hair and are effective at keeping it in place, the way you styled it. These also create a nice moisture barrier for your hair, for even really humid weather.

The Frizz Killer – Flat Iron
Everyone has heard of a flat iron but few know the power of this must-have tool! Even a few strokes with this magic wand can transform hair from frizz to fabulous in mere seconds. The trick is to make sure you prepare your hair for the heat by spraying your locks with a heat-safe hair spray, applied to damp hair. This will keep your hair in great condition and also keeps damage at bay, allowing you to use your flat iron over and over without worry!

Frizz From Static
Whether to tame your hair or your clothing on a chilly day when the heating system (or clothes dryer) delivers up a charge to everything, a couple of dryer sheets from your laundry products cabinet make great static tamers, and require very little room in your handbag or cosmetics bag.

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