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Rainbow Hued Hair

galaxy hairstyle

Rainbow Hued Hair

Rainbow and galaxy inspired hair has been a trend that’s sweeping the nation (and social media) by storm.  With the continued popularity of sci-fi genre movies and TV shows it’s not surprising that hair trends are adapting inspiration from the sci-fi world.  The popularity of the Star Wars franchise continues to skyrocket, and we’ve had new sci-fi movies join the roster (like The Martian).  So, how have these sci-fi thrillers influenced hair?  We’re going to break it down a bit.

galaxy hairstyle

Galaxy Theme
It’s true, girls (and guys) are getting inspiration for their hair color from the actual galaxy.  There are a ton of side-by-side pictures floating on social media with a picture of the galaxy next to the hair that was colored as inspiration from the picture.  While it may seem out of this world (pun intended) to think that we’re getting inspiration from the galaxy, it’s actually reality!  The gorgeous purple, pink, and blue tones that are found in images of the galaxy look incredible when applied to hair.  Both men and women are adapting this trend and the outcome is magnificent.

Space Cadets
With the continued rise in popularity of sci-fi thrillers like the movie The Martian and everlasting popularity of Star Wars, it’s really no surprise that so many people are feeling inspired by these movies and looking for ways to adapt what they see in these shows and movies into their lives.  It’s typical for us to get trends and inspiration from movies and celebrities, it just hasn’t been often that those movies and shows take place in space – but it seems to be working out for some great inspiration!

Rainbow hair

Celebrating the Unique
What’s interesting about sci-fi shows and movies is the storylines aren’t your typical storylines.  They’re a little out there (again, pun intended), but that’s often what draws people to enjoying them so much.  The different ideas and experiences are celebrated in the sci-fi genre.  Thinking that way, it’s no wonder people are feeling more comfortable trying to dye their hair in something that may not be traditional.  The influence of the sci-fi world may even be helping people want to celebrate being unique and different themselves.  Take Princess Leia and her infamous buns for example.  Not your normal hairstyle, but it’s continuously celebrated and mimicked time and time again.

The rainbow-hued hair is definitely a new look for so many people, it’s fun to see how celebrated this trend is.  Even more exciting is the fact that we’re gaining inspiration from different sources.  Who would have thought we’d be gaining hair inspiration from outer space?  Or sci-fi influences?  Well, we may not have expected it, but the outcome sure is great and it will definitely be memorable.  It’s highly unlikely that we’ll be forgetting the rainbow (otherwise known as galaxy) hued hair anytime soon.  But to think we’ve already gone to outer space for inspiration…what’s next?

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