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Real Life Mermaids

Mermaid perched on a rock.

Real Life Mermaids

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be Ariel from The Little Mermaid? If you have, you’ll probably understand why these women chose to grow up and become their own version of that – a real life mermaid. Well, just about as real life as you can get! Today, Lionesse is going to take a look into the lives of a couple real-life mermaids, who spend every day as their career and passion taking to the water for the love of it, and for the entertainment of others.

Linden Wolbert – California, USA
Linden knew she wanted to be a mermaid from the time she was a little girl. Upon growing up, learning to swim and snorkel, and then freediving, and learning to have a keen appreciation for sea life around the world due to her many travels, she began exploring the possibilities of becoming a real life mermaid. Linden’s grandmother became ill with cancer when Linden began expressing her desire to become a mermaid, and her grandmother told her to pursue her dreams of the ocean, passing away tragically soon thereafter. Linden’s grandmother left her an inheritance, which Linden utilized to have a realistic, one of a kind mermaid tail created by a Hollywood artist who works solely on creating realistic, lifelike props for movies, and took about 7 months to complete. When all was said and done, a 35 lb hand designed, hand-painted tail was born, which propels Linden through the water at the speed of dolphins, and allows her to swim with precision and velocity. Her passion is helping children in countries where they are less fortunate learn to swim. Currently, she is working on a project in the Bahamas, where they have the 3rd highest drowning death rate in the world, to help all children learn to swim properly.

Hannah Fraser

Joe Seer /

Hannah Fraser – Real Life Mermaid
Hannah had big dreams about becoming a mermaid since we was a little girl. At 3 years old, she began drawing stick figures which she decided should be mermaids, and it’s been this way ever since. She was a water baby, and nearly always had a fascination with the water. At 9 years old, she created her very own mermaid tail, which she claims is extremely unsafe, and was made from pillow stuffing, and had her mom help her tie her legs together to get into the pool. She also jokingly states it’s a wonder her mother let her get into the pool with her legs tied up and soggy pillow stuffing holding her down. Since that time, Hannah has become extremely involved in oceanography, starring in the movie, ‘The Cove’, and works with many charitable organizations to spread awareness about oceanic conservation. She also loves helping children become better swimmers.

Both of these lovely mermaids had always looked up to one another, yet never actually met each other until 20/20 made it possible for them to do so. They have been friends ever since, and are paving the way for other real life mermaids to make their way into the world.

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