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Secret Hair Ruiners

Woman looking at her damaged hair

Secret Hair Ruiners

There are many thing you may be doing on a daily basis that may be ruining your hair – and you might not even know it. Some of the thing you may be doing every day may be damaging your hair in a big way, and we feel you have a right to know what those things are. Today, Lionesse is going to give you some of the top ways you might be harming your hair and how you can stop, change that, or do something differently to protect your precious hair.

Woman tying her hair.

Hair Ties
Your hair tie could be playing a big role in the breakage you are dealing with on a daily basis, pretty. Therefore, be sure to steer clear from elastics covered in nylon in a woven pattern – which are the typical hair ties we see everywhere – and instead, opt for terrycloth and lycra materials when it comes to choosing your hair tie, which won’t break the hair strands. Also, be extra careful when removing your hair tie because you don’t want to cause unnecessary breakage and friction on the hair than is absolutely necessary.

Woman with a ponytail

High Ponytails
High ponytails, although they look cute, can cause a lot of worry to those with thin, damaged, or color treated hair. By constantly putting the hair up high on top of the head, you run the risk of the hair snapping off at the frontal hairline – which, obviously, doesn’t look very charming. Avoid this from happening by wearing a lower pony, or a bun instead.

Woman air drying her hair

Allowing Your Hair to Air Dry
Many women believe allowing their hair to air dry is a far better option than choosing to blow dry – but that is not the case, say some expert stylists. When you allow your hair to air dry, it leaves the cuticle ‘open’ and is more likely to sustain damage by snagging or pulling, rather than blow drying in a gentle manner and closing off the cuticle, and allowing it to lay flat, thus avoiding less damage. As a tip, when you use your blow dryer, use the lowest heat setting possible, and be sure to use the concentrator tip that comes with the blow dryer to avoid burning the hair.

Woman buying shampoo

Your Shampoo & Styling Products
Using your favorite shampoo and styling products isn’t a crime – but when it comes to product buildup and mineral buildup on your hair due to the elements, hard water minerals, chlorine, and products used on a daily basis, the only way to alleviate these from the hair is to use a weekly clarifying shampoo once per week.

Woman wearing a hat in a beach

Missing Out on UV Protection for Your Hair
If you ever step foot out your front door and leave your house without spraying on or smoothing in some UV protection made specifically for your hair, you’re making a big mistake. UV protection for your tresses is just as important as UV protection for your body. Be sure to protect your color treated and even natural toned hair with a good UV protection spray or serum every time you leave home.

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