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Short Hair Inspo From Around the World

Woman with a short hairstyle

Short Hair Inspo From Around the World

Shorter hairstyles are making huge waves in the beauty world due to the fact that they are perfect for summer style. They are a great way to keep the hair off of the neck and shoulders during the dreadfully hot summer months, require low maintenance, and are always stylish and perfect for any occasion. If you’ve been looking for a new short hairstyle, look no further than this article by Lionesse. We are going to showcase some of the most fantastic short hairstyles from around the world today to offer you the biggest and best in terms of inspiration.

Woman with a pixie cut.

North America
In the great old United States, there are a few popular short styles that are rocking the summer hard right now. For instance, a short pixie cut is one of the top styles – and has been – in terms of shorter hair for the past few months now. Incorporating this style with some baby bangs is sure to make for a perfect summer style. On the other hand, there’s some other pretty fantastic longer yet still short hairstyles to check out and be impressed with, such as a chin-length bob with side swept bangs, as an option for those who don’t quite want to cut everything off.

Woman with a chin length bob

Europe is always keeping on trend with the latest fashions and beauty trends, and right now, some of the hottest shorter hairstyles for this area are bobs at chin length, with fringe and bangs, as well as short, edgy cuts such as that seen on Victoria Beckham. Another option for this area is short and somewhat spikey on one side, with the other side at about chin length. From there, incorporation of a bright pop of color in the bang area is a perfect addition to really set the whole look off.

Woman with a pixie cut hairstyle.

Some of the most fantastic beauty trends in the world have originated in Asian territories. Some of the shortest, cutest styles have also become exceptionally popular in this area as well. Some of the styles you will see this season in Asia are short and edgy cuts, undercuts with longer hair on one side, and almost pixie cuts with longer wisps and tendrils on the sides, incorporating baby bangs or long and sweeping bangs brushed to the side.

Woman with a chin length bob with fringe and waves

In Africa, nearly any hairstyle goes. We are going to be speaking about South Africa today, as they are the most fashion-forward and beauty inspired region in the country. In South Africa, women are opting for extremely short cuts this summer, buzzing their hair so low it quite closely resembles a men’s style – but that’s just one of the many options. Buzzed styles on the sides with longer hair in the mid section to the front are also another fantastic option for women in this region. And of course, the beloved chin length bob with waves and fringe is making a huge statement across the region this season.

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