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Spring Hairstyles to Try Now

Spring Hairstyles to Try Now

Woman showing off her beautiful hair waves in a white background.

Spring is the time for revamping everything about your wardrobe, color palettes, cosmetics, and even your hair. You might be ready for a drastic change, or perhaps you are only seeking something minor in terms of new styles you can try out at home. Lionesse has some ideas and tips to help make the process less grueling and tedious, and help you look your best in today’s post.

Change Your Color
After emerging from the dark months of winter, and the darker hair color you may have opted for during these long, cold, dreary months, it might be time for something lighter, which has the ability to catch more of the sun’s rays and bring you into spring looking more cheerful and bright. Going for something a shade or two lighter than your current color is a great place to start. It won’t be overly drastic, will help you ease out of what you’ve been used to, and they can play up the style with some added highlights to give you more of a brighter look. Or, you could opt for something totally new and off the wall, and choose to go a lot lighter than you’ve been used to. Ask your expert stylist for their advice – and find pictures of colors and styles you are interested in to show your stylist. They will usually never steer you wrong.

Get a New ‘Do
Opting for a new haircut might be just what the doctor ordered, so to speak. Spring is here, and with it comes change. This is the perfect time to change up your hair style to something shorter, sleeker, more radiant and sexy. If you have really long hair, it might be difficult for you to make a huge transition into something like shoulder length or shorter, so perhaps adding in some layers, angles and bangs is all you need to get a new look. If you’re the dare devil type and want to go crazy, changing up your look entirely, why not try a cute, super short pixie cut? Whatever you choose, be sure you absolutely love it – and that it will look good on your face shape and complement you – before making the decision.

Try an Easy to Do Updo
Trying an easy to do updo at home doesn’t require much time or patience, nor does it require much experience. Ponytails, buns of all sorts, braids, and curly pinned updo’s are simple enough to learn, and with a little practice, you will have some new styles to wear all the time. YouTube is a great place to learn, with hundreds and thousands of hair tutorials available to view.  You will become your own hair stylist in no time! Or, you could seek out pictures of updo’s you love, and try your best to study the image on your own, practicing the style yourself – no videos needed.

Catch Some Waves
For something springy and easy, try some beachy looking waves. It’s a light, classy style that looks good on any girl, regardless of hair color, density, length or style. A simple sea salt spray and a blowdryer is all you will need to achieve this sexy style. Simply spray your damp hair with sea salt spray, scrunch upside down, and blast it with the blowdryer until it’s halfway dried. Let the remaining hair air dry, and viola –  instant waves that will last all day.

Add Some Shine
You will want to add some shine to your finished style, because it makes the hair appear more sleek, sexy, and radiant. Isn’t that what spring styles are all about? Try products that offer a boost of volume and shine. Or, if you already have voluminous hair, try a product that gives you tons of shine, but no weighed down feel.

Excitement for Change
Lionesse knows you’re excited to change up your style for spring, but by trying out some of these ideas, we think you’ll be happy with the end result. One final tip: just because you like a style, it doesn’t mean it will look good on you. Always remember to ask for expert advice before making the decision to do something drastic before actually doing it.

Wishing you a happy Spring season!

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