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Stimulating Natural Oil Production

woman touching hair

Stimulating Natural Oil Production

woman touching hair

We all have hair, but we don’t all necessarily have hair that we love.  One major factor that plays into you having the gorgeous hair you desire is keeping your hair moisturized.  While we all know this, sometimes we don’t want to necessarily want to apply a bunch of ‘stuff’ to our hair and skin in order to achieve it.  There’s been a lot of discovery around stimulating natural oil production to moisturize your hair.  The great news is you can do this naturally, which means avoiding adding any additional chemicals and ‘stuff’ to your body.

Give Yourself A Scalp Massage
That’s right, experts have found that by giving yourself a scalp massage you’re able to stimulate the blood flow in the scalp.  When your scalp’s blood flow is stimulated, your scalp naturally produces oil in the way that it’s supposed to.  There’s been a lot of discovery around this, and the incredible benefits that come from scalp massages.  It’s actually suggested that you massage your scalp as often as possible.  You don’t need to spend an hour doing it, but just gently massaging the scalp can make the world of difference.  If it means natural oil production and more gorgeous hair…we’re in – how about you?!

Deep Condition Your Hair
We get it, going through a deep conditioning process can seem like a hassle sometimes.  However, many experts suggest that doing a deep conditioning treatment on your hair on a regular basis allows your hair to become more moisturized and healed, allowing it to naturally produce oil.  When your hair is in a healthier state, it’s able to function more properly, giving you the opportunity to naturally stimulate oil production.

woman curling hair

Avoid Too Much Heat
Look, we like hot showers just as much as anyone else…and we use heated hair styling products too.  But the thing is, when we have too much heat placed on our hair, it tends to become drier.  When our scalp and hair is put under a lot of stress, especially with heat, the dryness prevents your hair from producing a lot of the natural oils.  This means, in order to stimulate natural oil production in your hair, it’s wise to back off on some of the heat.  We’re not saying you have to avoid it altogether, but try not to over-do-it.  Back off on taking extremely hot showers, and try not to style your hair with heated styling tools every single day.  Give your hair a break from the heat, to give it a chance to produce oil naturally instead of getting too dried out.

Don’t Wash Your Hair, Too Much
Here’s the thing, when we shower we’re actually stripping our hair of its natural oils.  Since we’re taking out a lot of the natural oils by washing our hair too often, it doesn’t give you hair a chance to produce more naturally.  It’s suggested that you don’t wash your hair daily and instead get into a 2-3 day hair washing routine to allow your hair to get in the habit of naturally producing oil more regularly.

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