Lionesse Flat Iron | Summer Beach Wave Techniques
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Summer Beach Wave Techniques

girls with wavy hair on the grass

Summer Beach Wave Techniques

girls with wavy hair on the grass

One of the greatest hairstyles during the summer months has to be beach waves. They just never get old! Beach waves have been popular in hair trends for years now, but we really don’t see them ever going away if we’re honest. Regardless of how long beach waves have been around, they always feel updated. Of course, while beach waves have been a popular hairstyle they’re a constant style that so many women struggle to recreate themselves. We’ve discovered some great summer beach wave techniques to share with you, so you can achieve the gorgeous beach wave look yourself this summer.

Air Drying Low Buns
Sometimes, it’s all about keeping things as easy and low maintenance as possible, especially during the summer time. Sounds about right to you? This is the perfect technique for you then! After you take a shower and wash your hair, all you need to do is tie your hair into two low buns. Seriously, that’s it. Ok, well you have to allow your hair to air dry but you can go to bed with your hair tied back into the two low placed buns. When you wake up in the morning simply remove the buns and your hair will be in a gorgeous beachy wave style. Talk about multi-tasking, right?

woman relaxing on the beach

Ponytail Curling
If you’re not really into letting your hair air dry, or you just want another easy technique we’ve still got you covered. Generally, beachy waves aren’t waves that start at the top of your head–which is really what gives your hair that effortless wave look. Another great technique is to tie your hair back into a ponytail that’s in the middle of your head. Once it’s tied back take a curling iron and curl the ponytail hair. This allows you to really see the pieces you’re curling and create a beachy wave much more effectively. Once you’ve curled all the hair in the ponytail remove the ponytail and run your fingers through the hair to break up the curls to create more of a wave-like look.

Twist + Flat Iron
You probably don’t generally think of using a flat iron to create waves, but they’re incredible at doing just that. Split your hair into a part to create two sections of hair. Starting with one side of your hair, twist the hair starting at the nape of the neck and twisting to the ends of the hair. While the hair is twisted, continue holding the twist and go over the twist with your flat iron. It’s best to hold the flat iron over sections of the hair for a few seconds, and repeat the process a couple times. Once you’ve done that remove the twists and voila!

woman with bag

Another tip to achieving gorgeous beachy waves is to use a texturizing product, dry shampoo or even a sea salt spray. These products help to add that beachy texture that we all know and love with summer beachy waves.

Do you have a favorite technique to use to create this hair style?

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