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Summer Hair Trends to Try

Woman with a braided hairstyle.

Summer Hair Trends to Try

If you are getting bored with your usual day to day hairstyles, why not indulge in a change? Today, Lionesse brings you some of the top summer hairstyles you can try yourself at home with a little practice.

Woman with a wet look.

Wet Look Hair
Wet looking hair can be seen all across any fashion show happening this summer, and it was also very popular in the 90’s. Now that it’s making a comeback, try to indulge in this style by adding gel and water to the top of your hair, brushing it throughout, and securing it in a bun or ponytail style. This also works well for a French twist.

Woman with a bun wrap

Buns and Bun Wraps
A new take on an old favorite is creating a bun and using what is known as a bun wrap, usually including pretty floral embellishments such as daisies or sunflowers, around the hair after securing it. It adds something special to a very simple style, and looks amazing for summer with any fashion.

Woman with wavy hair using rose as a hair accessory.

Utilizing Hair Accessories
Incorporating hair accessories to your summer style is the perfect way to get a cool summer look. Right now, large flower accents are super trendy, as is incorporating a real flower, such as a rose, or gardenia, into a bun style. Headbands and old retro pieces from the 30’s and 40’s are also becoming exceptionally popular.

Crimped Ponytails
Adding a few crimped sections of hair into a traditional ponytail is a great way to stay on trend, while creating a simple hairstyle that looks fabulous for summer.  Be sure to break out the old crimper, or go to town by creating a few very small braids the night before you intend on wearing the style. Remove the braids to reveal crimped like hair, and put it all up into a low ponytail to complete the look.

Woman with dip dyed hair

Dip Dyed Hair
Dip dyed hair is super fun and easy to do. You can use an actual hair dye in a bright, bold color, or even use a more traditional color to attain somewhat of an ombre effect. Or, you could utilize good old fashioned Kool-Aid powder and boiling water – many tutorials are available online – to get a less damaged hair look that will be bright and bold without the chemical additives. This method also causes far less damage to the hair, and will last for quite a long while.

Woman with a rainbow hairstyle

Rainbow Hair
Rainbow hair colors offer a bright, bold pop of color to the hair that will help you truly personalize and customize your own hair look. Creating your perfect color mix is all about implementing parts of you into the style, and the fun thing about it is – you don’t even need to worry about what colors go with your skin tone, because rainbow hair is all about personal preference.

We hope there is a style within this article that you find cute and fun for summer. We encourage our readers to get creative with their daily hair style. If you find your inner creativity and spark it up, you can never be bored with your style!

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