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Sarah McCormick for Lionesse Beauty Bar.

1940’s Curls With a Flat Iron Tutorial

Lionesse is proud to bring you this fabulous article on obtaining 1940's curls using your flat iron. We weren’t sure if the look could actually be done with a flat iron and achieve the true vintage look and style, but we brought beauty blogger Sarah McCormick...


Pin Curls with a Flat Iron

This week, Lionesse is focusing it’s attention on reveling in the beauty of the 1940’s style. Today, we’ve got guest blogger Sarah McCormick of All Things Beauty here with us to give you a rundown on how you can create your very own pin curls...


1940’s Hair Tools

Tools used during the 1940’s to develop hairstyles vary widely depending on the style and look the woman wanted to achieve. Today, Lionesse breaks down the main components on any woman of the 1940’s era’s vanity, and explains what each of them were used for...