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Celeb Perfected Hair Styles To Try Soon

Doesn’t it seem like celebs have all the luck when it comes to beauty and fashion? Ok, ok it helps to have a team of the best pros in the business on hand at all times. But in all seriousness, they’ve really got some things...

Woman using bobby pins

Styling with Bobby Pins

Bobby pins are a beauty tool that actually have countless uses, however, most of us continue to utilize them in the same couple of ways.  Because of their incredible versatility we wanted to get you thinking outside the box with your bobby pin use, so...

Jennifer Lawrence

Top Celeb Hair Updates of 2015

With the whole New Year thing here again, the trend of change is in the air--with everyone imagining new selves, new identities and new, flirty flair. While some changes, like going back to school, weight loss, quitting the tobacco habit and skin care improvements are...