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Woman braiding her hair

Winter Hair Inspiration

In the heat of summer months, the best relief always comes from the newest updos we can get inspired to try, and thanks to the rich tutorials on the Internet, there is no shortage of them. By the time winter comes around, with its chilly...

Classic hair tuck

How to Pull off a Hair Tuck

If “tuck” has you scratching your head, add to it, subcategories---which are surely being added to, even as this tutorial is being written. With the basic Tuck, all you need is a headband that wraps around the entire head, some patience, bobby pins and your...

Vintage Waves

50s Hairstyle How-To: Vintage Waves

Among the many hairstyles that are forever associated with the decade lasting between 1950 and 1960, perhaps the particular waves of the time are among the most notable elements that come to mind. It’s important to remember that women of the 50s had nowhere near...