Lionesse Flat Iron | Tips for Flat Ironing Your Child’s Hair
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Tips for Flat Ironing Your Child’s Hair

Mother making her daughter's hair

Tips for Flat Ironing Your Child’s Hair

Mother combing her daughter's hair.

Children, as you may well know, have a much different hair structure than that of an adult. Certain care needs to be taken to avoid damaging their hair. Lionesse understands that the occasion may arise when a special hairstyle needs to be created for a special event. If your child has curly hair, and you’re thinking of giving them the royal treatment by flat ironing her hair, we’ve got some tips to help you be extra careful while making her look like a pretty princess.

Go Easy on the Heat
Children tend to have a much thinner hair structure than we as adults tend to. Even for those of us who have thin hair, their hair is much finer and much more delicate. Due to this, it’s very important to note that using a flat iron on a low heat setting is the best course of action in this case. Be sure to turn the heat setting way down to the lowest setting for your little girl, and you will protect her hair the best you possibly can to avoid unnecessary burns to the hair and other damage caused by excessive heat.

Use a Spray Heat Protector
Anytime you use a flat iron on your child’s hair, be sure to go in with a good quality flat iron spray all over the hair to protect the hair from burns and help it to flatten more easily.

Woman brushing her daughter's hair.

Use a Great Quality Flat Iron
When you are taking any type of a heat tool to your child’s hair, you want to ensure you are using one that is of the absolute best quality. Not every heat styling tool is the same. For a great option, check out our ceramic flat irons. They cause less heat damage to the hair, have adjustable heat settings perfect for you and for her, and are made to last. They are also durable and come in a variety of fun colors. The better the quality product, the better the end results – sans the damage caused by the other heat styling tools on the market.

Don’t Flat Iron Often
Children don’t need to have their hair flat ironed very often. Once in a great while is a good idea, and it should be saved for special occasions such as recitals or performances, weddings, or birthday parties. The more often you heat style her hair, the more likely she will be to wind up with damaged hair.

Use Hair Spray
To keep her style in place after flat ironing, you can go in with a little bit of hairspray to hold the style in place all day. A little hairspray for a child goes a long way, so be sure to incorporate some to avoid having to go in for touch-ups.

Woman applying treatments on her child's hair.

Use a Hair Serum
If you want to protect her style from humidity, you can opt for using a tiny bit of hair serum to the middle of her hair down to the ends of her hair. This will protect the style when she has to step outside during the summer, and also offer some great shine as well. For a great quality hair serum, try our Lionesse Hair Serum which will offer plenty of protection and shine.

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