Lionesse Flat Iron | Tips for Super Straight Hair
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Tips for Super Straight Hair

Woman before and after blowout

Tips for Super Straight Hair

Natural hairstyle is a classic “the grass is always greener” situation. Those with straight hair often with they had curls, and people with curly hair get frustrated and long for easy straight hair. This is a list of tips for those with straight hair to maintain it, and those looking for a way to obtain it.

Go Alcohol-free!
The first tip is one that everyone should follow: avoid alcohol. Many hair products from mousse to gel contain alcohol, which can leave your hair looking frizzy, dry, and lifeless. A little alcohol is fine, but it the bottle lists it in the top three ingredients, toss it away.

Woman flat ironing her hair

Iron it Out
If you don’t want to go with a perm, the next best option is using a straightening iron. Even those with naturally straight hair can benefit from a little bit of heat for a truly straight look. If you’re new to flat irons you need to make sure you purchase the correct size iron, something that some might overlook. If you have short hair, choose an iron with plates that are between a half an inch and an inch thick. For longer hair, choose on up to two inches thick, allowing you to cover more area at a time for a quicker total ironing session. Also, make sure the iron isn’t too heavy, some cheaper models that weigh a ton will make you feel like you’ve been lifting weights after 10 minutes of straightening your hair.

Make sure you prep your hair before adding any heat to it. There are a TON of fantastic heat protection products that will reduce the damage caused by high heat. Also, make sure never to iron your hair when it’s still wet, and don’t over do it. The flat iron is not an everyday tool. You hair won’t respond well to that much heat everyday and you’ll end with damaged dry hair.

A Perm?
If you have wavy or curly hair, usually the best option to get the straightest look possible is getting a perm. Most people think of perms as going from straight to curly, but they work in reverse as well. Perms are a serious decision though, as the chemicals used in the process can cause more harm than good. It’s best to get a perm only if you have healthy hair. If your hair is damaged from heat, or bleach, or other chemicals, stay away from this option. Even the healthiest hair can appear frizzy and dry after a perm, but you can nurse your hair back to health.

Woman before and after blowout

Brazilian Blow Outs
A pricey, yet effective treatment that actually makes the hair shiny and softer than pretty much any other option on the market. Basically, professional hair smoothing that leaves your hair straight for days, even weeks. Worth every penny, many people swear by these treatments.

Once your hair is straight, there are some things you can do to help maintain your hair and keep it looking great. Try drying your hair upside down to get to your roots, and never sleep with wet hair, that will only lead to knots, cowlicks, and kinks. Also, make sure you’re using products sparingly, and lastly, buy a good ionic hairdryer with temperature control.

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