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Top Travel Friendly Hairstyles

Woman wearing glasses with a bun hairstyle.

Top Travel Friendly Hairstyles

Are you going to be taking a trip to your favorite getaway destination? Perhaps you may have a business meeting to tend to across the country, or you’re headed out to visit your grandma who’s celebrating her 90th birthday. Whatever the situation may be, travel takes a lot out of you – but you don’t have to sacrifice your cute hairstyle just because you’re traveling. Today, Lionesse would like to talk about a few of the top travel-friendly hairstyles that are not only practical, but fashionable as well.

Woman with a ponytail.

What style can top a ponytail for traveling, style, and comfort? None, which is why we chose this as the number one style you can wear while traveling. It’s practical, you won’t need to readjust your hair every 5 minutes, and you can’t mess it up. Ponytails are a foolproof way to get a cute style and keep things classy while traveling – no matter the length of your flight. Throw your hair into a mid-length pony to be on trend, or put it into a low pony for added comfort. You can do extras to incorporate more style, such as add hair accessories like headbands, ponytail wraps, bobby pins, or wrap a small bit of your hair around the pony to give added style, pinning it underneath to hide the ends. For a low pony, to add extra style and holdability, create a cool and classic style by separating the hair at the top of the pony, and feeding the remainder of the ponytail through – giving you a classy look that will hold itself in place all day long.

Woman with a braided hairstyle.

With so many braided styles to choose from, why wouldn’t you want to add a braid into your travel style? It’s a super cute way to look totally fashionable, while staying casual and comfy at the same time. Plus, once your hair is all tucked into a neat or even a messy braid, there’s no reason to struggle with fixing it – as pieces may fall, it will give your braid character. You can’t go wrong with a braided style. To keep the hair out of your face, opt for a crown or milkmaid braid which will keep the hair pinned to your head all day. To do more of a traditional braid, opt for a fishtail braid which always looks stylish. Try out a waterfall braid if you’d rather go for something a bit different. If you’re more of a traditional braid kind of girl and you haven’t quite gotten your braiding skills where they need to be, try a regular French braid – or opt for braided pigtails to showcase your playful side.

Woman with wavy hair in a beach.

Waves are a great style to wear when traveling – they look amazing, allow you to wear your hair down and it’s hard to mess them up. If you want natural looking waves, braid your hair while damp the night before you’re set to travel. In the morning, remove the braids to reveal perfectly waved hair. Or, if you’d rather have a more glam look, add some waves in the morning before getting ready to leave by making use of your curling iron or flat iron to give yourself a waved style. Waves created with a heat styling tool may need to be hair sprayed to keep them in place for the day, whereas waves created through means of creating braids the night before will generally stay put all day long.

Woman with a bun hairstyle.

Last but not least, buns are a great way to swoop your hair into a quick updo, getting it off your neck and shoulders and out of your face, and allowing you to go on about your day. There’s nothing fancy-schmancy about them, but there are many different bun styles to choose from to get a customized look that suits you and your personality. They also go with any outfit, and work well for any style. Be sure to use some extra bobby pins to really hold your bun in place all day when you’re traveling, and make use of hairspray to avoid needing to fix your bun or touch it up.

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