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Trending Male Hairstyles for the Office

man slicking his hair in a chair

Trending Male Hairstyles for the Office

man slicking his hair in a chair

Guys, we’re talking to you for a minute! So often everyone in the beauty world tends to focus on the ladies, but we know guys want to look and feel great too. Ladies are so commonly discussing the desire to change up their hairstyles with the seasons, but it’s not limited to the ladies anymore. There are so many fun and exciting trending male hairstyles for the office right now, we wanted to give the guys some inspiration as well. If you’re a business professional, you don’t have to feel as limited as you may be feeling with your hair. Let’s get into some of our favorite trends.

Buzzed on the Sides, Long on Top
This is a great hair style for the office and even more perfect for the summertime. Buzzing your hair as a male in the summer is great for function, but you may not want to go for the full buzz. Having your barber buzz just the sides of the hair, leaving the top on the longer side adding some great volume, is the new hot trend to incorporate two opposite hair styles. This way you’re getting the best of both, between having the option to create a bit of a slicked back look/feel on the top of the hair but also not needing to deal with the sides is the perfect stylish, professional combination if you ask us.

Man resting his head on arm

Longer Length, Slicked Back
Slicked back hair styles have been a huge trend recently for men. It’s a hair style that’s been a classic staple for the business professional, but it definitely has a modern and trendy twist lately. Leaving the hair a bit longer in length adds a little volume to the top of the hair style. Of course wearing the hair slicked back adds some sophistication and edge. Our favorite way to style this in an updated way is to slick the hair back, but create a subtle/abstract type of ‘part’ on one side of the head so it’s not entirely slicked straight back from the hairline back.

Man with faded buzz cut and long hair on top

Faded Sides, Structured Top
Another hairstyle that’s combining two (usual) opposite elements or hair styles, but is perfect for the office. Again it’s back with the shorter, buzzed sides of the head. However with this hair trend it’s all about creating the faded look that becomes virtually non-existent the closer you get to the neck. Leaving the sides in a faded buzz, but the top of the hair with a structured, shorter length (but not buzzed) gives a fun update for the office hair. The top of the hair can be a tad longer, with a defined edge/part on either side of where the fading starts. Leaving the hair just a tad longer on top, again, allows you to create a slicked back type of look that gives you an overall polished look.

Thought you were stuck with one hair style that gave you the professional hair look? Times are changing, guys!

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