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Trends Born at Music Festivals

Trends Born at Music Festivals

Music festivals usually incorporate art, culture, and vibrant crowds of people from all walks of life, brought together for the love of a mutual respect for all of these things combined. They are home to some of the trendiest styles and looks – many of these styles making their way to the streets, and the runway. Some of these trends, fashion experts say, just need to die. Lionesse would like to explore some of the different trends born and bred at music festivals, and share that interesting information with all of our lovely readers today.

Woman wearing a red bandana on her neck.

Bandanas Over the Face
Originally, as far as music festivals are concerned, this trend was incorporated for mosh-pitters who didn’t want to inhale or eat dirt and debris while they banged their heads; it quickly evolved into a trendy fashion statement at most – if not all – music festivals. This is one of those looks fashion experts agree needs to die, and they suggest rather than wearing them over your face like an outlaw, why not tie one around your neck instead?

Woman wearing sunglasses in her costume in an indoor setting.

Underwear In Place of Clothes
This, in all of our opinion’s here at Lionesse, is the trend that needs to die the most. Wearing underwear in place of clothing is not only disturbing, but it’s extremely distasteful. There is nothing attractive about walking around, virtually naked, in front of thousands of people. Rather than rock this look, why not opt for a cute bikini top and a pair of fringey shorts? Not only will you look super cute, seasonable, and comfortable, but you will also avoid the risk of being arrested for indecent exposure. Win-win situation for everyone.

Woman showing off her fringe style boots in an indoor setting.

Fringe on Everything
This is one style we can’t get enough of. Let’s just say it is our favorite trend that was born at a music festival. When it comes to fringe, music festivals have got it all figured out. Although fringe style wasn’t necessarily born at music festivals, doing it to the extent that it is done at the festivals is another story. You can find fringed boots, shorts, purses, vests, and belts at the festivals. We can’t get enough! Long live the fringe!

Woman wearing bindi and jewels over her eyebrows.

Jewels and Bindi’s
It seems like, at every music and arts festival, there is a wide and vast array of women with jewels lining their eyes, brows, and cheeks – and that’s okay, because we love this look if done tastefully. We wouldn’t recommend gluing them all over your face, otherwise you may end up looking like a studded pin cushion – but a few around the eyes is a cute look – even for daily wear or a trip to the mall. Try multi-colored jewels, or go with diamond-esque jewels for a more classy look. The same is true for Bindi’s – wear only one, and keep it small.

Although it’s difficult to say for sure whether or not all of these styles, among others, have actually developed of formed at music festivals, it’s safe to say that these festivals have made these particular things famous.

Lionesse strives to bring you the best in interesting entertainment, and we’re sure this article was no exception. Be sure to think about these things as you’re getting ready for your next music festival – it might make you smile, laugh, or avoid making a huge fashion mistake.

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