Lionesse Flat Iron | Tricks For Creating Pretty HairStyles
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Tricks For Creating Pretty HairStyles

Updo with bobby pins

Tricks For Creating Pretty HairStyles

Updo with bobby pins

If you’re like every other woman in the world, you get fed up with trying to create pretty hairstyles quite a bit.  It’s ok, we’ve all been there trust us.  While it can sometimes feel like it’s impossible to do unless you went to cosmetology school, it’s NOT!  You heard us!  We’ve discovered some pretty amazing tricks for creating pretty hairstyles that you’re going to LOVE because they’re not hard to use, either.  We’re all about helping you find easier, more efficient ways of creating the beauty looks you want and hairstyles are no different.  Ok, ok enough rambling we’ll get right to them!

The Bobby Pin Trick
Women everywhere…we’ve been using bobby pins WRONG this whole time!  Yep, you read that correctly.  If you’ve ever used bobby pins you probably placed them into your hair and assumed they would stay put, but they may have/probably slid out of your hair.  It turns out if you want to use bobby pins the correct way, you have to actually apply them to your hair with the wavy side of the pin facing towards your head.  The wavy part will grip more to your head, keeping it in place!

woman with headband

Use Headbands In A Whole New Way
You’re probably no stranger to headbands, they’re pretty self-explanatory, but you’ve probably been wearing them in the traditional way with your hair down and the headband placed in your hair.  Well, if you’re looking for an easy way to create a pretty hairstyle look no further!  Placing your headband on your head, over your hair (think boho-hippie style here), you can simply curl up the rest of your hair into the headband.  It’s an easy way to create an up-do that doesn’t even require any bobby pins!  Hello easiest up-do of all time!

Cover Your Elastic Bands, Easily
If you’re looking to create a chic, pulled back hairstyle, it sometimes feels like it’s ruined by the chunky elastic band showing.  Well, if you’re tired of that happening, you can create a gorgeous, streamlined look wrapping your hair around the elastic band.  All you do is leave a small section of hair loose after you’ve pulled it back.  Once you’ve secured the rest of your hair how you want just wrap the little section around the elastic band to hide it and secure with a pin.  It’s really that easy!

Bring The Beach To You
Doesn’t it seem like you get the best hair when you’re at the beach?  Salt water just does wonders for the hair, and creates those gorgeous beachy waves we all love and try to recreate.  Well the good news is you can bring the beach to you now, by creating your own salt water spray.  Yep, all you do is mix seltzer water with sea salt and spray away!  It’s a super simple way to create salt water spray that gives you that gorgeous texture you only get from salt water.  Spritz it on your hair to get some texture and enjoy beachy waves you’ll love.

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