Lionesse Flat Iron | Undercuts for Mid-Length Hair
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Undercuts for Mid-Length Hair

Woman with layered hair

Undercuts for Mid-Length Hair

The undercutting hair trend has been one that has been on the rise for a while now.  But up to this point, most of the undercutting hairstyles have been geared towards short hair.  We’re now seeing undercutting hairstyles make their way to longer, mid-length hair.  If you’re not familiar with undercutting it basically means that the layers of hair closer to your scalp are shorter than the outer layers of your hair.  It’s a trend that can be as minimal or drastic as you desire, much like many hairstyle trends you can make it what you want.  Let’s break down a few of the popular undercut hairstyles for mid-length hair.

Woman with layered hair

Layered Hair
The great thing about this trend is you can make it as natural or dramatic as you want.  For the mid-length beauties, you can keep your longer layers on top and just ask for a small section at the nape of your neck to be cut short.  So essentially you wouldn’t see the undercut part of your hair unless you’re wearing it up.  Keeping the layers fun, textured, and loosely curled is a fun modern way to add this trend into your hair.

Side Sweep
If you’re looking for a more dramatic look, undercut (or shave) one side of your hair above your ear.  This will create a natural part in your hair, when you leave the rest mid-length.  You’ll achieve a fun, edgy side swept look having one side shaved short and the other left long.  Leaving you to have fun with the longer side of your hair, having the option to curl, straighten, or even braid the long hair.

Woman with bob haircut

Bob it Out
Want a fun way to freshen up your bob?  Add an undercut touch to it!  Whatever length you choose to rock your bob, you can add a touch of the undercut to the nape of your neck.  The blunt cut of the bob with the undercut touch can be a fun way to add a unique twist to your more traditional bob.

Get Fancy
There’s also been a big trend of adding design to the undercut portion of the hair at the nape of the neck.  This is a fun way to add a unique twist when wearing your hair up.  When you have mid-length hair often the undercut portion will be hidden until you wear your hair up.  So it’s a fun way to add a twist that many won’t expect.  Throw your hair up in a ponytail or bun and suddenly you’ve taken simple hairstyles to a whole new level with your designed undercut.

The undercutting trend is really limitless, depending on how drastic of a look you’re looking to achieve it can be subtle or more prominent.  If you’re considering trying out the undercutting trend think about some of these options and what feels like it would be the most enjoyable for you, and most fun for you to style.  Hair is a great way to express yourself, so have fun with it!

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