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Wedding Themes for the Avant-Garde Bride

Avant garde wedding inspiration

Wedding Themes for the Avant-Garde Bride

Ah, weddings. A time of happiness, love, food, and family. Until about twenty years ago, weddings in the United States were pretty standard: white dress, white cake, stuffy church, and a normal priest. But now, as millennials come into the bridal market, they’re demanding much more personalization, more fun, and more uniqueness in their weddings.

People now see weddings as ways not only to express their love, but to express their own personal brand of love: whether that means the couple loves Jane Austen and serves tea at the reception, or if they’re huge football fans and hold their vow ceremony in the sports bar where they met. Marriage is being redefined, both in awesomely significant ways and certainly in smaller ways as we make ceremonies about marriage.

So, let’s say you’re a bride who considers herself “avant-garde”. You love the unique simply for the sake of being unique: anything that defies the norm is what you find attractive. For someone like you, a boring white dress in a boring white chapel probably won’t cut it, but all of the Southern-Belle Pinterest trends of chalkboards and mason jars probably don’t attract you either. You’re looking for something fresh, unique, and exciting. Looking for a theme to work within? Here’s one of our favorites (and stay tuned for more!).

Avant garde wedding inspiration

The Minimalist Wedding
Right now, pretty much every wedding involves tons of flowers (and cacti, oddly), a full photographer, chalkboard setting cards, burlap everywhere…you get the idea. There’s just a lot. And it usually takes place in a barn or something. If you’ve lived in the United States for the past twenty years and don’t live under a rock, you’ll likely know exactly what we mean.

Point is, that’s a lot of stuff. Lots of planning, lots of dresses, lots of bridesmaids…it can seem too overwhelming. So if you’re not only balking at a traditional wedding, but balking at the expense, time consumption, and sensory overload from a modern wedding, a minimalistic wedding might be your best choice.

  • Venue: Try finding a place that’s meaningful for you and your partner like the park you met in or the place they proposed. Or, if you wanted to go super-minimalist, have the ceremony and reception in your house–what better way to bless your marriage than inside your own home?
  • Colors: Although you may assume a minimalist wedding means a strictly black and white color scheme, that’s not necessarily so! Try having a “pop” color throughout, such as a bright coral lipstick and coral invitations.
  • Party: Keep your party as small as you’d like. No worrying about inviting great-aunt-so-and-so because she’d be offended: just do what makes you happy, and only bring the people who make you happy. This includes possibly striking the idea of bridesmaids as well, to save drama over the maid of honor and issues with finding dresses for them.
  • Wedding Dress: Modern wedding dresses are at, like, quinceanera levels of opulence right now. Which is awesome, but a sleek, minimalistic dress is absolutely beautiful on the right person. Look for simple white slips, heirloom jewelry, and minimalist makeup.

Do you have a favorite avant-garde wedding theme? Let us know in the comments!

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