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What to Eat for Beautiful Hair

Woman looking in her cell phone while eating in a restaurant

What to Eat for Beautiful Hair

Woman looking in her cell phone while eating in a restaurant

Lately, it seems like the saying ‘you are what you eat’ is becoming more and more realistic.  Experts keep talking about how much of a relationship there is between our diets and skin, nails, and hair.  It’s pretty safe to say that most women (and men) want to have beautiful hair.  So many of us spend hundreds, and thousands of dollars every year on hair care products and getting our hair done to try to achieve beautiful hair.  But what if we told you, you could eat certain foods that could have a major impact on your hair’s appearance?  Well, believe it!

Protein for Hair?!
We always hear about eating more protein if you’re looking to change your body’s appearance, but you probably didn’t think it also had an impact on your hair’s appearance!  Experts have discovered that incorporating more lean sources of protein into your diet can help prevent your hair from becoming brittle and dealing with a lot of hair breakage.  Well, you know protein is great for helping to build strong muscles in the body?  Basically, it helps build strong hair.  Bingo!  One of the biggest attributes to having gorgeous hair is maintaining its strength and preventing any damage from occurring, which is why protein is so beneficial to getting beautiful hair you desire.

Woman having a salad

Green Foods 
You’ve probably heard some of your friends or acquaintances talking about green smoothies and eating/drinking green foods.  Well, it’s not just a trend it’s actually got some serious benefits to it.  Experts have found that incorporating more green foods into your diet can have a huge benefit to creating healthy hair.  Green foods like broccoli, spinach and other leafy greens are full of incredible vitamins that do wonders for the hair.  The good news is these foods are easy to incorporate and have benefits for more than just your hair – go get you some greens into your diet and watch your hair soar in health!

Omega-3 Fatty Acids
In recent years, there’s been more and more evidence to show the benefits of incorporating more omega-3’s into your diet from heart health to…scalp health?!  Yep!  Omega-3’s have been found to be incredibly beneficial to creating a healthy scalp.  In case you’re not sure how this relates to beautiful hair, experts always say that your scalp’s health has a DIRECT impact on your hair’s health.  So basically if you don’t have a healthy scalp it’s going to be really difficult to have healthy, beautiful hair.  They just go hand in hand.

There are some other suggested foods to eat to achieve beautiful hair, but we wanted to start you off with the basics that are locked and loaded with some powerful benefits for your hair.  There’s a lot more of a relationship between your hair’s health and appearance and what you eat than you may realize.  Try incorporating some of these foods into your diet and take note on what changes you start to see occurring in your hair’s beauty.

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