Lionesse Flat Iron | Which Short Hairstyle Works Best for You
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Which Short Hairstyle Works Best for You

Bob hairstyle

Which Short Hairstyle Works Best for You

We all know a friend who rushed through the Big Chop: you know, the one that had the breakup, or lost her job, or had some other big crisis in their life that led them straight to the salon chair for a fresh new pixie. Hopefully, it turned out great, but for others, it probably didn’t: it’s super important to do your research before making a big decision that you’ll see in the mirror every morning. If you’ve already decided that the Big Chop is on your horizon, use this guide to figure out which one will work best for you.

Figure Out Your Face Shape
The first thing you should do is look in the mirror (surprising, we know). You’re going to try to find your face shape, which will help determine which haircuts lay best on your scalp and help frame your face in the most attractive way. To do this, ask yourself one simple question: What’s the widest part of your face?

  1. Forehead: if your forehead is the widest area and tapers down to your chin, then your face is heart-shaped, otherwise called the “inverted triangle” shape.
  2. Cheekbones: you have a diamond, or long face shape.
  3. Jaw: the opposite of a heart-shaped face, your widest part of your face means you have a pear-shaped or triangular face shape.
  4. No Particular Part: if your face doesn’t have any discernible wider parts than any of the others, you have a round face shape.

Now that you’ve got a handle on what kind of face shape you have, let’s take a look at some of the best short cuts for that shape.

Bob hairstyle

Heart Shaped Faces
Try a bouncy bob like Diana Agron’s, whose locks hit just at her jawline and angle up to the back of her head. The diagonal line of the cut draws attention to the face, while the shortness makes sure the bob stays fresh and full, not weighed down. Heart-shaped faces are super versatile, so ask your stylist about whether or not bangs would be a good addition: wispy, delicate bangs look adorable and sexy on heart-shaped faces.

Curly bob hairstyle

Diamond Faces
Diamond face shapes are the queens of the deep side parts: the dramatic divide helps show off your statement cheekbones and highlights the eye area. Go for an asymmetrical bob with a deep side part like Rosamund Pike, whose diamond face shape is ultra-flattered by the softness of the cut and the angle of her hairline.

Woman with pixie cut

Pear-shaped Faces
For pear-shaped faces, look for cuts with lots of volume at the top of the head to help even out the dramatic jawline and help balance out the facial structure. We love Michelle Williams’ romantic pixie with lots of crown volume and wispy bangs.

Woman with short hair

Round Faces
The most important part of a short cut on a round face is having tons of texture: because the face shape is so symmetrical, you want to add lots of volume and layers to keep from looking younger than you want to. The trick is to create a new shape, not mimic the natural roundness of the face.

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