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Winter Hair Inspiration

Woman braiding her hair

Winter Hair Inspiration

In the heat of summer months, the best relief always comes from the newest updos we can get inspired to try, and thanks to the rich tutorials on the Internet, there is no shortage of them. By the time winter comes around, with its chilly temps, longer locks that cover our heads and protect our necks from the icy winds are a great default style, however we put our hair into fancy updos almost as often during the cold days and nights of winter as we do in summer, although for different reasons. We seek the trendiest forms of fashionable styling more in an effort to dress “up,” There are a lot more updos seen during winter evenings, as a result. There are some new techniques that at first glance, threaten to go untried, even by the most proficient DIYers of hair, but every one of them just needs to be broken down into bite-size chunks, then practiced, then they’ll become a standard component of your hairstyling repertoire! Check these out, for some true winter hair inspiration:

Woman braiding her hair

The Awesome Knot Braid
This looks like an impossible feat for the home hair DIY novice, but it’s actually a lot easier than you think:

  • Section out a triangle of your hair at the hairline going back toward the crown, as if you were going to do a French or Dutch braid. Divide that section into two equal halves and tie the first step of a knot.
  • While securing your knot with one hand, by holding onto both ends in your right hand, with your left hand, pull some hair in from your left side to add to the strand.
  • Divide this newly added-to strand into two equal parts and tie the same knot as in the first step.
  • Now, hold the hair ends from the new knot and grab a section of your hair on the right side with your right hand and add that to the working knot braid. Halve, then knot, just as before.
  • Continue this adding and knotting process all the way down, either tying off at the nape of your neck or proceed all the way down to the ends of your hair and secure with a tiny elastic band.
  • Where you tie off your knotted braid, take a small section of hair and wrap around and around to hide the elastic, and secure with a hidden bobby pin.
  • This is the exact same principle of the French and Dutch braids, but really easier in many ways! And it looks amazing and difficult, at the same time! Don’t tell ‘em how easy it was for you, just smile and say “thanks!”

Go Big, With Real Looking Extensions
When you add extensions to your own natural hair the correct way, they add gorgeous volume that rocks any hair style, with added thickness and also the length, if that’s your goal. This is the ticket for opening the door to many hair hacks you previously felt were not within your range of possibilities. You just need to know how, and get yourself the right extensions, and it’ll be your little secret for glam hair you’ll have everyone wondering about. While the heat of summer may have you wanting to reduce the volume of hair you have to deal with, the colder winter months make extensions a great way to bulk up with volume from some extra hair extensions. The best spots to add in extensions are any places where you are placing a clip, headband, tie or elastic band. This is the way to conceal where the extensions begin. Once you have a few signature hairstyles that incorporate extensions, you can cut the ones you use for one hairstyle–so they’ll turn out the right length, and then you might have other extensions you leave longer for other styles. Make your own hairpiece headband with uniquely braided extensions that you can just slide or clip on and go! Ponytails, braids, knots and buns are all ideal for volumizing with extensions, and no one has to know!

Woman with curly hair during winter.

Get Set for Winter With Hot Curl Hacks
Adding new, fun ways to enjoy even more use from your heated styling tools is always a good thing, and you can never learn everything there is to know about using these devices for an infinite journey into new and fun hair shaping sessions. Here are a few hair hacks to try out this winter:

  • Ditch the clamp and wind hair onto the barrel from the roots outward.
  • Twist each section of hair before you wrap it around the heated wand.
  • Take your flat iron and run it down braided sections of hair for unique and quick waves.
  • Create any size waves or curls, but leave your ends (about 1-2 inches) straight–uncurled.
  • Something rarely thought of–but always a great idea: wear a glove.
  • For looser waves, gently pull on still-warm ends of each just heated section as you go.
  • Easy as pie, if you first pull all your hair into a high ponytail, you can heat-curl sections of the ponytail. Once cool, remove the elastic band and loosely run fingers throughout for gorgeous waves.

Curling wand hold formula to memorize: horizontal for tight curls, vertical for loose curls.

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