Lionesse Flat Iron | New Men’s Hair Trend: Braids
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New Men’s Hair Trend: Braids

man with braided hair.

New Men’s Hair Trend: Braids

man with braided hair.

It’s a brave new world for men’s hair. We’ve already seen men branching out into feminine territory with the embrace of the man bun, seen on celebs like Leonardo DiCaprio and others. Now we’re seeing men taking on a timeless lady look: The braid.

Of course, most men are not interested in this age-old ladies style or don’t even have hair long enough to actually put into a ponytail, but like the ponytail, braids are no longer faux pas when dealing with men’s styles. Just ask the Scottish men who have been donning braids for centuries! Now there’s a group of men that are completely secure in their kilted manhood!

We’re not talking about the long, sweeping Elsa braid that so many women wear with their long hair. Most men who are braiding still have short hair, so they are getting inventive.

Some men are braiding their disconnected undercut into a single French braid right on top of their head. Men who have longer hair on the top manage to get the braid to hang down, but most end up with a little stub right at the edge of the braid.

Others are getting a bit more inventive with the braid trend, using several smaller braids to take care of their shorter hair. The look is similar to cornrows, but the pattern is not as ordered. Braids might go in opposite directions or might be arranged in geometric patterns. Men who have longer hair might pull the ends into a ponytail or bun.

Men who want to try out the look but who aren’t ready to fully commit can braid just a small patch of hair on the side while the rest hangs naturally or is pulled into a bun.

Of course, men with longer hair have the most options. They can pull it into a long braid at the back or try out French braids or other fancy braids. Jared Leto and Shia LaBeouf have already been spotted wearing braids that come down their backs, but that is no surprise!

There is also the 80’s throwback of rattails – or the “mini mullet”. A long, thin strand of hair that trails down ones back – braided or not, has started to gain more popularity. Even if it’s simply an extension – just don’t tell!

What to Tie it With…
So that leaves us with the manly dilemma of what on earth do you secure your new man-braid with? Leather is the answer. You cannot go wrong with a dark, leathery band or tie. If you can’t find this manly strap, go for the tiny, clear rubber bands, similar to the ones people use for braces – no one will be able to tell.

What do you think of the new trend? Will you be trying it out? Ladies, what would you think about your man wearing a braid? Share your thoughts about what type of braid you’ve seen or would like to see on your man!

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