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Vintage Japanese Hairstyles

Japanese woman

Vintage Japanese Hairstyles

Japanese woman

Since we’re focused on celebrating Japanese culture and beauty this week, it was natural that we take a look back at some of the vintage beauty.  The Japanese culture has always been known for their beauty and hair trends throughout time, and it’s really no different as we look back at the vintage hairstyles.  Ready to take a step back in time with us?  Let’s chat about vintage Japanese hairstyles!

Pulled Back Hair
Looking through older pictures of women in Japan, you’ll see a theme of hair being pulled back off the face.  Often worn in a rolled back way, pinned to create multiple large curls or rolls, while it was a rather simple hairstyle it didn’t lack style.  Most of the time these hairstyles were worn with the hair accessories, combs and/or pins specifically, strategically placed throughout the hairstyle.  This created a unique hairstyle that took the otherwise simple hair look to a whole new level, which is likely why hair accessories hold such an important place in vintage Japanese hairstyles.  Even in our culture today, we know that using accessories is an easy way to take our hair up a notch without the need of actually having to create an elaborate hairstyle.


Hair Accessories
The use of hair accessories plays a huge role in vintage Japanese hairstyles.  Between gorgeous elaborate hair combs and sticks, they really added a unique look to any woman’s hair.  Many of the vintage hair accessories found include some elements of flowers to their design.  Even just looking through an internet search of vintage Japanese hair you’ll quickly see the prevalence of hair accessories in Japanese hairstyles over the years.  It seems that the most popular hair accessories were decorative hair combs, that were likely handmade.

Long Hair
Because of the way the hair was rolled and styled throughout Japanese history, it’s likely that most of the Japanese women had long hair that was all one length.  Since having layers can add difficulty to achieving an otherwise simple, symmetrical hairstyle it’s easiest when trying to achieve this type of hairstyle that your hair is long and one length.  In fact, there are even some rare photos of women before their hair is styled showing that they indeed had very long hair that was all one length.

It’s interesting that as we look back on vintage Japanese hairstyles, there are some similarities in hairstyles that are popular in today’s Japanese culture.  The idea of keeping things simple, but bold hold true throughout the years of Japanese culture with the use of simple haircuts and the addition of hair accessories.  It’s always fun to take a step back into vintage beauty trends, especially in a culture as incredible as the Japanese culture.  It’s really no surprise that even in the past Japanese beauty trends were bold and unique, just as they are today.  Guess it’s true what they say, some things never change.

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